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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nine Days and Counting!

Well, in nine days I will be hitting the road for Washington DC and the RWA National Conference. I can't wait! In all my years of being a member I have only missed three conferences. Not this year though. This year I'll be there with bells on.

I literally just got home from the store. After assessing my closet I determined there were a few things I needed to get to make sure I look professional enough for mixing, mingling, and pitching. In my humble opinion, you are there to sell yourself, to promote your work, showcase your talents, and show editors and agents alike that you can and are up to the task of writing and selling a great book. And that is something I am going to do.

A few days ago I sat down with the RWA Conference schedule and highlighted everything that I wanted or needed to attend. I know that I have an agent and editor appointment already scheduled. One is on Friday, the other on Saturday. With that in mind, next up is my pitch.

My pitch, ah yes, oh so fun. How to shrink a 90,000 word book down to three sentences. Piece of cake, right? Um, sure! So that's what I've been doing. Out of my four books that I want to pitch, two are condensed down into a three sentence synopsis. The other two are still in progress. Why is it you find so much more you want to say when you know you can't? Doesn't it always work that way? I will get them condensed, it is just a matter of time.

I have also marked all the workshops I want to attend, all the book signings to get free books at, and also all the outside events I have been invited to. This year I will be attending the Golden Network Dessert Reception as I judged for them this past year.

And of course I will be presenting the Booksellers Best Award to ten lucky winners on Wednesday, July 14th at the Greater Detroit RWA BBA Ceremony. To me, there is nothing better than giving authors the kudos they truly deserve. And I believe the BBA Award does just that.

So if you happen to be around in about ten days, give me a holler. I'll be wandering around the conference with starts in my eyes, muttering to myself and having a fabulous time.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Lynn Crain said...


Give us the scoop on everything. I can't go this year but I am definitely going next year!


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