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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spam- Annoying but Lucrative

Why are there so many people out there sending emails to posts on craigslist that are nothing but scams? Or posting things on craigslist that are bogus? I mean seriously, how lucrative could that be? Not to mention the emails, emails upon emails from people trying to sell you something or get your information.

I guess i just don't see how someone can look at these obvious scams and think hey its my lucky day then send out a bunch of personal information to these people without blinking an eye. But they must be working otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them. It is beyond frustrating when you get an email about something you are advertising for sale and two seconds after you respond you get a return email telling you how you can refinance or whatever. Its really starting to piss me off, so many emails every day about male enhancement and Canadian pharmacies.

So i really want to know the percentage of people who believe and respond to these emails that are fishing for information. Because there have to be many people that do, desperate people or people who are too trusting. Either way its sad and its annoying and i just wish i could spam all those spammers.

Its not just email either, its on all those social sites. I get nasty ones on twitter. The other day it was a full on picture of a woman's nether regions, not what i wanted to see thank you no matter how cute she was. The really mind boggling thing about those ones is the huge number of followers they have, a lot of people see that and are all over what they are offering. Another annoying but lucrative business i suppose.
I have to wonder how much time i would save if i didn't have to deal with any spam. If there weren't all those extra emails to delete and all those posts to try and decode. Like I need help wasting my time on the Internet :)
Ok venting over, have a great weekend.


Lynn Crain said...

Yeah, spam is the bane of my existence as well. I get a ton of emails and when 50% of them are junk it makes me wonder.

Great post!


C.R. Moss said...

don't like spam (email or the food, lol!) never look at the emails. never answer them. they go straight into the trash. my IT/computer geek hubby said to never open them. this way the email address can't be verified as a viable one & then there'll be less spam. seems to have worked for me.

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