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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Want to share this awesome review with you...

by AP Miller

"a titillating read"

Andrew is a wholesome, hardworking Christian who pledged to keep his body pure until he entered the binds of marriage. Pathrusim is a demoness, a succubus to be exact. Andrew saves Pathrusim from a small group of demon slayers, and is introduced to sexual desires he didn't even know he had. Pathrusim wants to enslave Andrew, to feed upon his purity and turn him more like her.

Good Guys Deserve Bad Girls, by AP Miller is one of the most humorous tales I've read in a long time. AP Miller manages to walk a fine line between Andrew's faith, and the supernatural beings that he meets. Andrew maintains the strength of his character, and his resolve throughout the tale despite numerous temptations. Pathrusim had me laughing so many times I believe I lost count. She embodied all the ranges of female emotions, and that's before breakfast. She becomes his every fantasy while he teaches her how to accept love.

Though Andrew initially fought against his desires, he quickly succumbed to the expertise of his succubus. Their explosive desire for one another is prevalent from their first meeting until the last word is read. What makes many of the scenes so endearing is his determination to bring her as much pleasure as she gives him. They fall in love despite their best efforts. With Pathrusim's unique abilities, each love scene is new, exciting and very hot. AP Miller's creative play makes for a titillating read, with scenes that made me wish they could go on forever.

This fast pace tale will have you laughing out loud at Pathrusim's many antics. Andrew just didn't stand a chance against falling in love with her. The prevailing message is neither religious or paranormal, but that everyone deserves to be loved, and love in return.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted February 13, 2009

You know what “they” say . . . . There are girls you don't take home to mother. There are girls you don't date on a serious basis. There are girls that are fun to be around, but that you never, ever consider for marriage. They're not nice girls. They're bad girls . . . and you should never fall in love with a bad girl.

Or so they say.

But if all that’s true, then what is it about bad girls that make good guys want them so very . . . badly?

Andrew is definitely a nice guy. He’s a hard-working, decent Christian fellow. Good with his hands, honest, honorable, and does the right thing by his family and his church.

Pathrusim is definitely a bad girl. About as unchristian as you can get, what with her being a demoness, straight from the pits of hell itself. She wants to wrap Andrew around her little finger, and enslave him for all eternity.

But what is it about Andrew that draws her to him? If she's such a bad girl, why does she want so badly to have a . . . nice guy?"


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