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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Patti Shenberger!

This week we take a look at Patti Shenberger. I asked her some quirky questions back in January and got plenty of interesting answers!
Welcome Patti!
Patti Shenberger writes for the following publisher(s): Devine Destinies, The Wild Rose Press, Hard Shell Word Factory
Patti’s favorite color? She says, “I don’t really have a favorite color. I seem to keep changing my mind. Today I would say Ocean Blue.” Her favorite ice cream flavor? She says, “Plain and boring chocolate. But when I was pregnant (a million years ago) I craved peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in a Coke float about three times a week.” When asked if she’s a cat, dog or both kind of person and if she’d ever own(ed) a snake or some other exotic pet her answers were ~ “I am definitely a dog person, and we have a 13.5 yr old Shepard-golden mix who is my all time baby girl. But that being said we ‘adopted’ the daughter’s cat in April. His name is Ace, but I call him the ‘Annoying Critter Beast.” The more I ignore him while I’m on the computer, the more he plops his butt right in front of the monitor and meows. & No, I’m a coward when it comes to snakes. Most exciting thing we ever had was a guinea pig ‘Homer” when my son was younger.” Concerning her preference for warm weather or cold she states, “Sun definitely. I’m in Michigan where right now the snow is flying outside. I like warm weather, but not too warm.” As for where she’d live if she could live anywhere in the universe, “Somewhere in the Caribbean. I know I said not too hot outside earlier, but I love looking at the ocean and I could stare at it for hours. That being said, I am a non-swimmer but drown well!” In regard to what time of day she prefers, Patti says she’s a morning person. “If the clock strikes 9 p.m. you can bet I’m in bed or yawning badly.” Her favorite day of the week is “Wednesdays, because the week is half over, but also only half begun” and her favorite number is 7. When asked if athletic shoes are sneakers or tennies and if a soft drink is called soda or pop, she responded: tennis & Pop “– Pepsi to be exact. My drink of choice.”
Here’s a scenario posed to the author: “You’re at a conference and an agent comes up to you and says, “I’ve seen your name on the web. I’m interested in taking you on as a client. You have a couple of minutes to wow me to convince me that I should.” You can only plug one book in this short amount of time. What book would you plug to land this contract and why?”
Patti’s response: I smile at the agent and say, ‘All her life Catherine Cay Sterling fought to distance herself from her mother’s shadowed and sinful past. But will she be able to accomplish this before the same tainted blood that flows through her veins leads to her own demise?’
The title of the book is Tainted Bloodlines. It is not yet published, but I hope that 2009 is my year to do so and you will assist me in my quest. Tainted Bloodlines is women’s mainstream fiction approximately 90,000 words in length. This book is very near and dear to me as it is also based loosely on the life of my mother and myself. Then the agent smiles back at me and says, “I know just the publisher. Let’s talk over lunch.”
Thank you for the information Patti!

~ Feel free to share if you have something in common with her ~


Stephani Hecht said...

Hey Patti, I noticed you didn't say anything about Bumpy Cake Ice Cream. I know you like that too!

Lynn Crain said...

Wonderful interview! Glad I could get to know you a little better.


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