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Friday, February 13, 2009

Liking the Quirks

Every now and then I witness a stranger's particularly odd behavior and smile, thinking: we are indeed the strangest creatures. But those individual quirks set us apart from each other, and can be charming if they're not harmful. It's taken me years to understand my own quirks and accept them as part of my individual makeup. And not just accepting them, but being able to laugh about them.

Oh, I can be quite quirky. Where do I start? OK, I've always been too boldly outspoken despite my occasional bouts of introverted, reclusive behavior. Perhaps the latter make the former unexpected--even shocking for those who don't know me. Picture me now, petite and generally well-behaved in a local Montreal sports bar surrounded by Canadiens hockey fans, when I casually announce that it wouldn't be such a bad thing if the Toronto Maple Leafs (our long-time rival) won the cup. Everything but the music comes to a resounding stop. I take a sip of my margarita, shrug and explain that the Leafs are a Canadian team after all, and that they haven't won the cup in forty-two years. In any case, hockey doesn't pay our bills, right? Needless to say I was the recipient of many evil glares the entire evening.

I regularly leave my closest friends blushing or gently scolding me in public. I have to be bluntly honest when it comes to dining out, for example. I won't tell a server that the meal was satisfactory when it wasn't. Especially if they'd asked. And is there anything wrong with flirting with a cute waiter if it means the service will likely be better? But I must say I love my friends for keeping me in line to a degree. Otherwise, it's all very amusing.

Another quirk I have is that I can be really sulky. Big complainer. Big baby. God forbid things don't go my way sometimes, lol. And the strange thing about it is that it comes from out of nowhere most times. Well, at least I have the decency to warn people to stay away, lol. When I go into a sulk, I hibernate until it passes. And it's a good thing I do because pouting looks silly on anyone over twelve. So, the hibernating could be a few hours or a few days. And sometimes, in my dark gloom, I experience a flash of creativity which I store in the back burner for a more productive time. Secretly, I kind of like my sulking, the moodiness, because it gives me time to withdraw from the outside elements and be with myself for a while. Is there anyone else who enjoys sulking??

I'll end with this last quirk. I personally hardly swear, but when I do--and it's usually under my breath--I use the British expletive bloody almost every time. But I'm Canadian, and none of my friends use it, no members of my family or anyone I've ever worked with uses it. I've never heard anyone utter the word in public. For example, the average person here will say, "It's freaking cold!" Not "bloody cold!" So what's up with me? Or maybe it's just a Montreal thing. Maybe people in Vancouver use it too.

The bottom line is, just like your quirks, and people who care about you should like them too.

I'd love to hear comments from readers about their quirks. Do share!

I wish everyone a happy Valentine's day!




Erin Sinclair said...

My quirks tend toward funny OCD kind of things especially decluttering and cleaning when it's not even my mess to begin with. Very bluntly spoken, as I find it saves time, trying to rein it in a bit as it can clobber when only meant to tap. As a design student prefer odd numbers over even, visually looks better but OCD kicks in and it applies to all aspects of my life LOL, hence singular titled works, trilogies or quintilogies, very much a perfectionist to the point of battiness sometimes, working on it. Can't sleep with the closet door open, hand or foot hanging over the side of the bed...the green eyed monster might get me
;-D, still working on it.

Ah well, these and many more always end up in some character's persona! LOL

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

Celia Jade said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for sharing your quirks! Open closets bother me too...and as for perfectionism...ah...that one is also familiar, lol.


Celia Jade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephani Hecht said...

I had to laugh at the hockey comments. I am a avid Detroit Red Wings fan and I know how intense the rivalries can be.

Celia Jade said... runs deep in our veins mainly on the north east side of the States and Canada.


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