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Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking Back

I can't believe that we're almost into March already! It got me thinking about how quickly 2008 went. I started reflecting about the incredible year we had. To say the past year has been historic is an understatement. The Downs...The housing market tanked even further and the economy barrelled head long into the crapper. The Ups....Well on a light note SNL had it's best season in almost 20 years, thanks to a historic (if not painfully long) election. The best, by far, was the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. Wild! Either way it would've been a history making election....let's just say I'm glad Barack came out on top.

My parents are products of the sixties. I grew up hearing stories about the March on Washington and Peace Rallies in NYC. I listened to them recall where they were when JFK was shot. How they felt about Vietnam and what they did to speak out against it. I've seen the faded photos of my Dad with his bushy hippie hair, Mom with the very long hair and very short skirts. They raised their children to know that all men and women are equal. The color of your skin, your sex or sexual orientation should not determine your worth. I knew that, as a girl, I could grow up and do or be anything I wanted. There should be no limits to what one could achieve. This election was proof of everything I've been taught. Hillary, Barack and even Sarah Palin are examples of exactly that.The most interesting part was witnessing people come together from all walks of life in passionate support of Barack Obama. White, Black, Hispanic, Male or Female. It's been incredible to see him inspire the masses and move them to action. It's the first time, in my lifetime, that I've witnessed such passion infused throughout our country.

After the tragedy of 911 there was a certain camaraderie and unity that we had. However, it was fleeting and faded with time as our wounds healed. It is my hope, that Barack Obama continues to inspire, motivate and unite our country. Given the enormity of the task before him, all the problems he's inherited; he's going to need that passionate, inspiring spirit now more than ever. I, for one, still feel the fire and intend to keep the flame burning. Yes We Can! May 2009 be bright and beautiful for all of us.

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Lynn Crain said...

I can so relate to this look back. My parents were young in the 60s and from the heartland. When we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 60s, their world view suddenly had thousands of people instead of the mere 2000 they were used to and things changed.

They eventually moved us to a small town because they didn't want me bused to an all black school. They thought it for the best but I thought it stupid.

While they believed that everyone should be equal, I don't think they thought it would happen. They came from the farm and while Mom could do a lot of the work Dad could, the fact she didn't have the physical strength to do everything made her unequal in at least one area in my father's eyes.

Then came me. I was their flower child who grew up with body counts in the 60s and free love and they thanked their lucky stars I didn't turn into a teen then. Of course, the 70s were more of a nightmare for them with the free sex and love but they slowly came to realize, I would grow up and I was so very different than them.

Yes, we are all products of the world we were raised in. Last year was an incredible year for us as a nation and us as people. Everything has come full circle as I see least in certain aspects...and now we're at a wonderful starting place to make some new in roads to become the best we can be.


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