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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rosie and Genevova

By A.J. Llewellyn

The thing about the Internet that never fails to take my breath away is how close you can get so quickly to people you've never met. In November last year, I had my first book signing for Phantom Lover and as I prepare for my next book signing on the 26th for Phantom Lover II at A Different Light, I am excited to know that so many people I met last time will be there again.

Two of those are women have now become friends...I'm talking about Rosie and Genevova. I first met Rosie through my editor Heather who came down to Los Angeles last fall for the Sherrilyn Kenyon book signing in Burbank. We had talked about meeting, this was our perfect opportunity.

Rosie isn't just a fan of Sherrilyn's, she's a FAN. She came with a suitcase full of books for the author to sign. I almost fell over - and so did Sherrilyn!

Over dinner later, Rosie told me she's never read a gay erotic romance and I suggested she read Phantom Lover to see what she thought. Heather emailed her a copy and a friendship was born.

Rosie got my number from Heather and would call to tell me about which books she was reading and what she thought.

The next time I saw Rosie was at my signing...where she brought her friend Genevova, pictured with me, above.

I have no idea what it is between me and Genevova, but I think her love for her husband and her support of her children's hopes and dreams hit a chord with me. Genevova's son wants to be a writer and she spoke so highly of his efforts, I told her I would help any way I could. She has another son who is training to be a tattoo artist, which tickles me to death. She is no ordinary woman!

I found out just how extraordinary she is when Rosie called me two days ago asking if I would like to meet her and Genevova for lunch. I was so excited I drove off without my cell phone and got God. Who'd have known not one person in Valencia knows where Claim Jumper is?

The girls were waiting for me and were so sweet. I wouldn't have waited an hour for anyone except maybe my boyfriend (just kidding Herve, I would wait forever for you) and we soothed our rain-soaked nerves eating mud pie and drinking coffee.

Rosie had just bought my brand new book Hanalei Moon, which came out Saturday and I loved listening to her take on it. I was glad I surprised her with the denouement...and she has now inspired me with a plot idea for a sequel. Rosie has gone from being a little hesitant to read gay erotic romance to waiting up until midnight for my new books to be released!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my girls...surprised to learn that Genevova once used to be a girl gang-banger. I can't imagine her beating up anybody she's so feminine. I did say I could imagine her doing battle for her children. Her eyes darkened and she said, "Oh, yes I would."

I know that Genevova is the kind of mother I imagine mine would have been. Since I was six when she died and she was so sick the whole time, I only have moments I can hold onto. I know, just know she would have been just like Genevova, warm, devoted and totally rebellious.

Last mother's day I blogged about my favorite memory of my mother, rescuing a beaten transvestite and giving her dignity and a cup of tea. I know Genevova is just like her.

She, like Rosie is my kinda woman. And I love 'em both already. I look forward to our next meal, hopefully next week. I just have to figure out how to grab that check before Rosie does!

Aloha oe,


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