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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Havin' a Talk

Today I wanted to give you a taste of another blog that I am on. I share it with two critique partners and we have a lot of fun with it. It is called Playground Mystique. We created it for our muses to play. We share other things, but I think my favorite part is when we banter back and forth. So today I thought I would give you a little banter with Heather, my muse.

Heather: Everyone is so busy. Gideon is gone, Brig is off somewhere and those two new muses are just a little scary. Even you have been too busy to play. And what the heck happened to You Rang?

Jambrea: I’m sorry Heather. Things have been crazy. You know that. I think I’m done with You Rang?, its a good story, but every time I sit down to add more I just can’t.
Heather: Some of that could be my fault. I guess I was having fun with Butch and Mitch. I really like those guys.

Jambrea: I do too. Did you hear that they got a good review? If you want to read it you can go here: I know you were worried about our first solo story, but so far things are great. We had more good news. Did I tell you?

Heather: *pout* No you didn’t.

Jambrea: The One Touch, One Glance Anthology that Kensi and I are in won an award. Isn’t it lovely?

Heather: *squee* Yes it is!

Jambrea: I’m glad I could make you a little happier. Why don’t you try to find Brig. I think she is still a little upset about Ares. Cheer her up while Lil keeps CJ busy. Did you see the new story? We WANT no NEED it to be finished.

Heather: Okay, I’ll go find Brig, but you need to get to work. Didn’t you leave Sunie ready to cook a meal for Gage? You should probably get back to them so Sunie doesn’t burn her house down. I think you also left Matt and Sal alone too long. Matt keeps asking when you’ll visit.
Jambrea: Don’t worry, I’ll get to work tonight. PMan will be gone this weekend so I should be able to get more done. I promise.

Heather: I’m off.

Jambrea: Bye Heather. I’ll see you tonight.
And that is just a taste of some of the fun we have at the Playground. I hope you enjoyed it. :)


Lynn said...

Cute! I just love the way you all talk to each other.


Stephani Hecht said...

I loved this. Great job!

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