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Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Ugly Cat.

It’s no secret that I have the ugliest cat in history. Before you ask the picture above isn’t really her. In the two years we have owned Peep, it has been near impossible to snap a photo of her. Every time we get a camera out she runs in the opposite direction, shrieking in kitty language, “No paparazzi! No paparazzi!” So the only images we have ever been able to capture on film have been a tail, a flank, or a butt. Not that I blame her. If I was as ugly as she was I wouldn’t want pictures of me either. While Peep may be hideous, she does have her pride.

I still remember the day Peep was brought home. My daughter had desperately wanted a cat forever. The problem is my son is deathly allergic. Our Aunt Donna made it her quest to find an allergy free cat. After hours of research she called me.

“I found the perfect cat. It’s called a Devon Rex and I found one of Pet Finder. It’s four-years old and is in desperate need of a new home?”

“I don’t know,” I hedged. “Is it a good idea to buy a used cat?”

“This breed usually costs close to a thousand dollars, this one will only set you back four hundred.”

“Used cat it is!”

Since I was working, my husband and kids made the two-hour trip to pick Peep up from her old home. As soon as they had her in the car they called me at work. The first thing I heard as soon as I answered was this god awful warbling sound. It sounded like someone had stuck a clown horn in a garbage disposal.

“What in the hell is that?” I asked.


“That is our new bundle of joy,” hubby drawled. Oh no! I knew that tone. Something wasn’t good.


“What’s wrong?”

“Did your aunt say this thing was a mutant or something?”


“No, I’m pretty sure I would have remembered that in our conversation. What’s wrong with Peep?”

“Well let’s see. She is the size of a rat, is nearly bald, has big alien eyes, buck teeth, freaky whiskers, super long legs and she kind of smells funny.”

“Leave Peeps alone, Daddy!” my daughter shrieked in the background. “Don’t listen to him, kitty. You are beautiful and I love you.”


“Our new kitty is ugly?” I whispered.

“Very. Did I mention stinky too?”

“God help us all.”


As soon as I got home and saw Peep none of it mattered. I instantly fell hopelessly in love with her, stink and all. A month later I had major surgery. The entire time I was recovering she sat on my lap and gave me her support. We have been inseparable ever since. As soon as I get home she runs as fast as her bowlegs will allow her to greet me at the door. While Peep is officially my daughter’s cat, it is me that she misses when we are on vacation and I am the one who takes care of her.

So while I may complain about the smelly beast often know it’s all tongue in cheek. I love my cat and I wouldn’t trade her for anything.



C.R. Moss said...

that's great you were able to find a cat to fit your household! aren't pets great? they love you unconditionally regardless if you're having a bad day or not and try real hard to make you feel better.

Erin Sinclair said...

I've seen them, I find them intriguing, what a sweet story. My daughter purchased a 13" beagle puppy a few months after her father passed away. She loved her but I'm the one who wound up taking care of her. She was pretty sick with the Corona virus when she first came into the house and the moron vet who treated her was giving her anti-biotics instead of the shot. The poor thing scratched herself raw because she was reacting to the anti-biotics. I had to force feed her, potty train her, the whole nine yards. Needless to say she's mine now and has been since my youngest moved out at 18...LOL and one big spoiled baby! She was a nice addition to our 15" beagle and Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Debby and Amy I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to our group! We're a pretty fun and funny bunch I think. You'll have a good time here! :-D

Lynn Crain said...

Cats are so very wonderful. I have three and would have at least two more if the DH would let me.

Devon Rex and the Sphinx are two of my favorites and I would have one in a heartbeat. Maybe someday.


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