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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Here! It's Here!

Today is the BIG day! I am officially a published author! It just blows my mind that this dream is coming true for me! A year ago I was a reader on groups who once upon a time thought about writing. I’ll share my excerpt with you.

Forever Guy

by Jambrea Jo Jones

Samantha has a crush on Jack. Now that he’s back in town, she needs to convince him he’s her forever guy.

Literally running into Jack yesterday at the bank had to be a sign of the fates shining on her. Her dreams of him still visited her on lonely nights; the fluttering started in her chest, and her heart jumped as his eyes flashed in recognition, a slow grin creeping across his face. To see and speak to him after so long brought back the memories of the last time he walked away from her. Jack had left her no air to breathe and had broken her heart, not once looking back to see the girl she had been crying for him to come back.

Picking up the pieces took time, but to his credit, she never told him how she felt before he joined the military. She needed to grow up, and as Jack left for the Marine Corps, she felt it too soon for her to express her feelings for him. She needed to make sure her emotions weren’t mere puppy love. Sam had no intention of making the same mistake twice. This time, she wouldn’t let him leave because they belonged together in the forever kind of way.

Sam shook off the memories and raced to get ready for her evening. Tonight, her dreams would come true.

Part of the One Touch One, Glance Anthology on sale December 9, 2208
There is my buy link as well if anyone is interested.

Here is what Dark Diva Reviewer Jaime had to say about Forever Guy: Another gem. This story has all the elements I love. This story has it all, real characters, real relationships, and true love. What's not to like? The author paints a vivid picture of small town life and community, and doesn't sugar-coat the realities of coming home from war, knowing how impossible it is pick up where you left off. Starting fresh just might lead to forever, though.

The whole anthology Rated 5 Delightful Divas

This story came about because of an open call for a sweet story. I’ve never written a sweet before and wanted to give it a try. I was so surprised when it was picked up. The funny thing about all this, my husband decided to write a story for the anthology as well. He doesn’t write romance, but he thought he’d give it a try. He sent his in and was offered a standalone contract because it didn’t fit the anthology. But wait…that isn’t really the funny thing. The funny thing is his book comes out today too! How crazy is that! We both got are first contract together and we get released the same day!

Here is his buy link:

A little about his story, Sanguine Moon:
Weston thought he was just a rancher, but when one of his co-workers runs into trouble on the job, he finds that he's so much more. Twin moons, Iris and Bliss, threaten him with the sun's wicked reflection, and Weston discovers that he will never look at cattle the same again.
So I will be on cloud nine today if you need to find me. :D


AJ Llewellyn said...

Congratulations honey,

This is indeed a beautiful day for you - just keep writing. That's really important. We want more of you!


Jambrea said...

Thanks AJ! I plan on writing a LOT! lol I have so many ideas and I'm almost done with my story for eXtacy and I'm SO excited! :D

Kristie~ said...

I'm so happy for you Jambrea. I have to book just gotta read it.

Lynn Crain said...

Congratulations, Jambrea! And welcome...there's nothing so special as having that first book published...sigh. It seems so long ago.

I just recently had business cards printed and on the back I listed all the books I'd had published. It was less than I wanted but more than I thought. I just couldn't believe that I'd had that many things out there.

It's a wonderful feeling which will sustain you book to book.


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