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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too Many?

How many WIPs are too many? I don’t know about other authors, but sometimes it feels like my head is overcrowded! Lol I usually have two or three stories that I will work on at once. They are usually different genres because I tend to be a mood writer. I also consider myself to be an eclectic writer because I don’t stick to one genre and I like to try new things to test myself and make my writing better. For example, right now I’m working on my first, first person story and my first m/m/f and a m/f paranormal. See…eclectic. lol

Of course this does not count all the stories I just have a few hundred words on or the three stories that are finished that I just need to self edit so I can turn them in or even the two stories I’m collaborating on. Is it this hectic for everyone?

Another problem? Just because you’re writing 3 stories does not mean the other ideas will stop. At least not for me. I was watching my husband’s band one night and the act after him looked like an 80’s hair band, but that isn’t what got the idea going for me. It was the fact that the singer and guitarist used the same microphone. I kept wondering if the two would kiss and a story idea came to me. Good thing I had my PDA with me so I could jot down a couple notes. Another idea came to me as we were driving along listening to a favorite CDs of my husband and this one song came on about finding a body and being afraid it would be pinned on the singer. I don’t have much written down on this one because I haven’t tried my hand at a suspense mystery yet and I figure when I’m ready to start writing I’ll listen to the song over and over again. It looks like it could be next on my list.

I did find a new trick to help me with my writing. I do a character study on my two main characters and find pictures that I like for them so I have something to refer to if I get stuck. I only do these on the stories I’m actively working on and then I use them for promo! Now I’d be in trouble if I tried this for all my WIPs! lol

I know I talk about this a lot, but last year at this time none of these ideas where in my head. I didn’t have characters and I sure didn’t know that they talked to you! Once I opened that door there was no closing it. Now I can’t even think of a time where I don’t want to be writing.
So…how many is too many? I guess I’ll say there are never too many because what if I run out! Now that would be a horror story I don’t want to write.


Erin Sinclair said...

That is exactly what I am stimulated by...human interaction. Yep, my characters sure do have a tendency to babble on as well! :-D


mamasand2 said...

Brea, that sounds similar to what I've heard from some other authors. What really surprised me is that this all came on at once when a year ago you had no ideas and no muse to guide you.

Amazing what a change a year can make. Congrats again on your new release and good luck with many more.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Well my love, you can never have enough WIPS! I say Go Jambrea! I adore you my lovely friend and I wish you a very happy new year!


AP Miller said...

My Dear,

Your muse is extremely active right now which is where you do want to be. Right now I am working on 25 stories, yes at once and 62 characters in my head running a muck. My writing all depends on which characters are tugging at me the hardest, and that's the book I work on for that day or until another one begins to tug. We are multi-genre authors and can write in any field thrown at us...I do write suspense and mystery...don't be intimidated by it...research the genre just as you would with all's a matter of scaring your readers and keeping them on edge...I also write horror, it's easy..

AP Miller

Lynn Crain said...

I so have to agree with this! I have at least one for each day!



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