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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

Usually the holiday season is full of traditions. My Christmas usually means scheduling a date for my Step-Mom and Dad’s Christmas get together. Then on Christmas morning my in laws come over for breakfast, and then around 2pm we go to my mom’s house. It usually works out fine, but this year Christmas might be a little different this year for my family. On Friday an ice storm blew through Indiana causing a big chunk of my county to be without power. It is now Monday as I write this and we still have no power. They are telling us that it might not be until Wednesday around 1:00pm, but they are also telling us that the power company is working through Christmas. This does not leave me much hope of our power being on anytime soon. We are luckier than most because my parents still have power. So this year we will probably be at my parents. Something new for my son. We will try to keep everything fun and my in laws will probably come to my parents as well. It will still be special and that is all that matters. I made sure to have Santa leave the presents with me so my little P man will not know anything different.

My son is happy. His cousins have been at my parent’s house as well and he loves having kids to play with. Me, I’m ready for my power to be back on and I’m thankful I only have one child. Lol
You know when they say it happens in threes? I’ve had all three of mine this weekend. First the power went out, then my parent’s power went out, next our car wouldn’t start and now I’m sick. I’m now ready for the positive. We got those as well. My parent’s power wasn’t out that long and my brother in law fixed our car.

Enjoy your family this holiday season and remember to be thankful for all the positives in your life. That way when something bad happens you can remember all the good.


joyroett said...

YAY for looking at the bright side :D

AJ Llewellyn said...

Aw sorry about the bad stuff hon...but like you said you got your three out of the way. I know your P Man will have the most awesome Christmas ever. This is one he will treaure always...the holiday he hunkered down with a bunch of people who love him.

Stephani Hecht said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Lynn Crain said...

I'm sorry that you are not feeling well this holiday season.

And I agree, you always must remember the positives.


Kristie~ said...

Glad to hear from you today and know that the little one's Christmas was good. Here's wishing you more luck for the New Year.

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