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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Puppy and the World of Weirdness

Good morning everyone!

How are you all doing? I'm sitting here listening to my puppy barking which is such a relief after last Thursday. I had to take him to the vet because I stepped on him hard enough to break his foot. His foot was good but I managed to dislodge a B-B he had been shot with before we got him. This made me very sad and angry because who would do that to a young dog?

Then my 17 yo told me about these tattoo artists who put foreign objects under the skin for effect. His take was that since it was done so well and none of us noticed it, a tattoo artist must have used the dog for practice. That made it worse! I was so angered yet intrigued by this prospect I had to see if what he said were true. Now I knew about tongue piercings and nose piercings. Hindus had done the nose for years with diamonds and rubies and since I knew quite a few Hindu women over my life I could verify this easily. I started to think about all the things he said and remembered the TLC and History channels who have tons of shows on just this thing. There was a man who wanted his horns to look real so had them implanted under the skin on his head. There's the man who wanted to be a man-cat and therefore had whiskers implanted on his new face so it would like he had them. But those were big things, would someone go so far to put B-Bs under the skin for effect?

Much to my surprise, my son was absolutely right. If it can be safely put into the skin, tattoo artists will use it. Heck, I even saw in one country where they were doing eye art and embedding jewels in the eye's sclera which is incredibly dangerous for one's eye sight. And while I might have known this deep down, it was really brought home to me because my 17 yo had a point. This thing had been embedded in my puppy's skin for at least the two months we had him and was totally healed when we got him. We, meaning vet and us, thought was a bursa bulging. Until I dislodged the thing from what the body encapsulated it in, it would have remained there for who knows how long. My son's thought was that something so well established in the dog's body must have been put there on purpose.

All I can say is...eeewww...and I thought I was weird. Will there be no end to the weird things people do? And I'm not talking about other societies because they have reasons...well...I supposed these people do to but to practice on a puppy? I shudder to think.

Now, if you all have any stories about people's weirdness, I would just love to hear them! Comment and you could be a winner of FREE eBooks!

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See you all then...



SiNn said...

ive heard of the embded in the skin thing i think the whole hooks in the back thing is odd too where ppl get their backs pierced with those rings so they can be suspended in air by hooks just odd to me im sogla dto hear ya puppys doing better when i got mine he had a hook embded in his neck someone droped 8 defencless puppies in the middle of a creek so mine got a hook in his neck hes doing s o much better now tho

hear about the man who got the tattoos to look like a lepord

Tamsyn said...

Talking about weird, there is a TV personality who never wears socks no matter what the occasion, formal or otherwise! People always talk about it when he appears on TV. Isn't that weird?

Lynn Crain said...

Yeah, the embedded in the skin thing is just strange. I would think you could feel it all the time!

Thanks for stopping by SiNn!


Lynn Crain said...


I can't believe the no socks thing. Now in the summer, I can understand it but the momment it gets cold, I have them on my feet!

Thanks for stopping by!


C.R. Moss said...

strange? what about the people who for religious purposes eat shards of broken fluorecent light bulbs? wish i could remember the culture and the show i saw it on...

Lynn Crain said...

Eeewwww...eating glass...are you kidding? That is too weird, C.R.!

I think you win on the weirdness scale! LOL!


booklover0226 said...

I saw this woman who likes to eat/lick cigarette ashes....UGH

Tracey D

Erin Sinclair said...


Just had to say what a cute puppy!


Lynn Crain said...


Thats horrible..yuck!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, Erin!

I thought so too.


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