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Saturday, November 14, 2009

If I Have To

I live in the cold white north, and I am not a fan of the snow. I don't like being cold, I don't like having to wear shoes that won't get your feet wet in the snow, and I don't like having to worry about slipping and sliding all over the road. I am not a snowboarder or a snowmobiler, i don't snow shoe and I don't enjoy sledding.

So why do I live in the snow infested north? I have to.

And so I am determined to not hate it so much this year. I don't want to waste my energy resenting something that is inevitable. I will focus on what I DO enjoy about the snow and this cold time of year.

I love the cozy feeling of being inside and warm and looking out at the snow covered world. Drinking a cup of coffee by a fire while snow swirls around outside is a very pleasant thing. It makes me want to cook comfort food and bake soul warming deserts.

If I can stay inside and enjoy being warm and comfortable I am happy with the snow, as soon as I have to go outside its difficult not to curse it. But this year I will try and not waste my energy on that negativity. I will embrace the snow a little more, until I have to spend an entire day shoveling three feet of it out of my driveway.

Since I have to live here I will deal with it, and I will even try and be okay with that. I will wear extra layers of clothing and cover every part of exposed skin, and I will keep my house warm and cozy for my kids and hubby to warm up in. I will enjoy having time in the snow with them, because for them this is a wonderful thing.


Lynn Crain said...

Geez, guess I better call my relatives as they live in Idaho too. I'm sure my Dad is just loving it. LOL!

Me, I would love to live in the snow as I live the idea of renewal. But it is wet and cold on some days. And others...well...we won't talk about those. LOL!


C.R. Moss said...

I hate the cold and snow too. Grew up in the northeast. Was used to it. then we moved to TX and realized we loved warm, dry weather. moved back to NJ and that's when the cold nasty winters really started to bother me and hubby. we tried to deal with it and re-acclimate but couldn't. so we decided to move and now live in NV in the desert. I don't ever plan on living above the snow line ever again... unless it's in a summer home so i can escape the july/august desert heat... but for now we deal with the heat because we have to. so i totally understand your winter predictament. :D

courtneybreazile said...

I tell everyone that someday I will live where it is warm, although I am not a big fan of super hot summers either. So I could be one of those who move according to the seasons. Someday when I am a world famous author of course :)

Tamsyn said...

I'm not a fan of the cold too! It doesn't snow in Tokyo, maybe once or twice a year and its not as cold as northern Japan where my in-law lives. The best thing about this is that you can anticipate Spring! The sakura or cherry blossoms is a vision to be experienced!


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