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Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's too soon!

This past weekend I was the unfortunate victim of mutiny. It was a viscous and hard fought battle too. One full of tears and angry words. Who were the villains that overthrew my rule? My very own family.
On the way home from dance my daughter happened upon a radio station that was already playing Christmas music. Since she is only eight-years old, that immediately put her into the Christmas spirit. She demanded that we get the decorations and start getting our house ready for the holidays. Even though we had to step over piles of autumn leaves to get to the shed and I had just put away all the Halloween stuff.

I foolishly thought that the son and husband would be on my side when I refused. Instead, I was horrified to see the same Christmas spirit dancing in their eyes. Need I remind all of you that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet?

I shook my head. I refused to be swayed. I put my foot down. I lost the battle. As I am writing this, I am looking at a fully decorated tree and my head is still pounding from the incessant Christmas music that has been playing for the past few days.

I posed this question on the eXtasy reader loop and now I’m going to ask it here. Is it too soon to be putting up the tree? Maybe I’m the only Scrooge and the family was in the right with this. Am I the only one who gets annoyed that stores are putting out holiday candy before I can even get my Halloween sweets? It’s not just the stores either, the television stations are already airing Christmas specials.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I just don’t know if I’m prepared to celebrate it six months out of the year.



Tamsyn said...

Many places and shops are already into Christmas decorations and lighting. Will all the bad news on the economy and the world, I guess people just wanted some good cheer even though it is not the season yet.

Stephani Hecht said...

Tamsyn, you have a great point and I never thought to look at it that way. Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner I will admit I'm starting to feel the Christmas spirit creeping up on me.

Lynn Crain said...

I have to say, I agree with you, Stephanie.

This is a age when people want that feeling all year around and therefore, they push it sooner and sooner. I on the other hand am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait.

People can wait until holidays are done before wishing the big one was here. It jut gets the rushed feeling when we do it so early.

My husband made the comment to and I nixed the idea immediately. His excuse was we were going to be gone on this traditional decorating day. I reminded him it was to his family's home and he brightened when he realized he could help his day decorate.

This year we have a new puppy, a pregnant daughter-in-law and lots of other things going on. We don't need to make the holiday come any sooner than it is going to come.


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