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Monday, November 9, 2009

In the midst of chaos…

Going Zen ~ Breathe deep
Stress is not fun and when in the throes of worrying and a run-a-way-mind sometimes it’s hard to step back from the trouble and strife. But it’s when you’re deep in the mire that you do need to stop, close your eyes, breathe and just be. In Lao-tse’s book Tao Te Ching it says
Tao never does;
Yet through it
All things are done.
Basically you can’t force issues. According to Lao-tse the more one interferes with the natural balance of life and universal laws the further away harmony retreats. In a troubled time one needs to become like the uncarved block ~ return to a simple state because one’s natural power and state of being is easily lost when the simplicity of a matter is changed. One needs to become simpleminded. No not stupid but still, calm, reflecting. The uncarved block just is.

So take a deep breath, become like the block and enjoy the simple and the quiet and you may be surprised how the kinks get worked out.
It is only by means of being
that non-being may be found.
When society changes
from its natural state of flux,
to that which seems like chaos,
the inner world of the superior man
remains uncluttered and at peace.
By remaining still, his self detatched,
he aids society in its return
to the way of nature and of peace.
The value of his insight may be clearly seen
when chaos ceases.
-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Now to remember this and put it into practice…

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Lynn Crain said...

What a wonderful thing for a Monday. I sure know I need it...LOL!

Thanks, C.R.!


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