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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Curious Observations

I've been in a strange mood lately, noticing things that I normally wouldn't--or at least not pay much attention to. Below is a list of things that have struck me as either quite odd or curiously interesting.

1. Since when do I find it normal that people push dogs in strollers?

2. Men really like to look at themselves in the gym mirror.

3. The Bluetooth headset is one of the ugliest inventions, albeit practical.

4. Men seem to have stopped asking women out on dates. Well, in Montreal anyway.

5. They're still making horror movies. I guess, with the endless violence and awful things that happen in real life, these movies are an inspiration to us all.

6. There's not enough cotton in clothing. Hello designers! Don't you know that many people are allergic to wool and acrylic? (Actually, this is more of a complaint.)

7. Most people don't look good in cigarette jeans, but wear them anyway. (By the way, I'm still waiting for the return of the normal rise jeans. Kinda tired of tugging them up when I sit so my panties don't show.)

8. Jon and Kate (of J & K Plus 8) make yahoo headline news more often than the likes of Brangelina.

9. The convenience of automatic flushing toilets: Either they flush before you're done, forcing you to jump clear of the bacteria-infested water. Or, they don't flush at all, and you can wiggle in front of that red thing all you ain't gonna happen.


Erin Sinclair said...

In reference to #4, men have stopped asking women out on dates period. It was definitely that way in Las Vegas.

I have an opinion about that one, but I'm sure there are plenty of men who would beg to differ, so never mind. LOL

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

Tamsyn said...

On cotton, I hate ironing so I don't really miss them.

But I completely agree on the automatic flushing toilet!

Have a great weekend1

Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting about Las Vegas. You know, i think that online dating is largely the culprit.

Of course there are men even here who'd say: I ask women out but they decline! Lol...But dating customes definitely have changed.


Celia Jade said...

The automatic toilet is horrid and many women complain about it. Thankfully, my gym has the old fashioned ones.


Erin Sinclair said...

Online dating is a good point and could be a very valid reason. I tend to lean towards many men (especially in LV) wanted an awful lot for nothing.

I like meeting people. I like talking and getting to know people. I ask you questions about yourself because I'm interested in you as a human being.

Most men inevitably guided the conversation back around to anything having to do with sex. Not that I'm knocking that particular subject matter but there's more to life than sex. While I'll be the first person to admit I was a major flirt when I was single, that tactic became old very quickly.

I had one man tell me (and it wound up in one of my stories), if you put out I'll take you to a nice restaurant, if you don't I know this great burger joint. So I flipped back, "Right on, but I have to tell you, since I use to be a guy, I prefer doggie style with me taking the lead, that work for you?"

NEVER saw or heard from him again.


Celia Jade said...

ROTFL Erin!! That last bit about the doggy style--you go girl! I think some men--not all of course--need to be reminded that there are paid services to satisfy those no-strings encounters.

Doesn't sassy feel great? Lol...

Lynn Crain said...


You do start my Monday with a bang, Celia.

In regards to #10, what you say is very true but the only bacteria you would be getting is your own, so there shouldn't be any bother there at all because you really want to keep yours to yourself. BUT, my issue is that no matter how you do it, your ass gets wet sometime during the process. Reminds me of peeing in a pool.

Oops...did I really say that? Yup, no filter today. LOL!


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