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Sunday, August 2, 2009


I finally fulfilled a life goal and made it to RWA nationals this year. While I had been anticipating a great time, nothing prepared me for the surreal experience of being around so many other writers. There were two thousand people in attendance, all of whom shared my love for romance. What was even better was that every single one of them was as dedicated to the craft as much as I am. They were writers who wanted to grow and had the burning desire to make this their life work
Too often I find that people outside of the industry think that we do this just as a hobby and that it’s not a real job. Let’s face it, not everyone brings home the bucks like Nora and Janet. So when the rest of us struggling writers put in a ton of hours with very little return, our family and friends often ask why we do it. They shake their heads in confusion as they see us battling deadlines, crying over reviews and fighting edits.
I don’t think anyone but another author can truly understand why we do what we do. How we get a story in our head and we just have to tell it or die trying. How it feels to make characters come alive. How the satisfaction of completing a manuscript can feel like the best high ever.
I think writers are a special breed all of their own and that the only ones who can ever hope to understand them is other writers. That is why I think it’s vital for all writers to join organizations or attend workshops. They don’t have to be RWA either. Just a place where you can find likeminded people so you know you’re not alone in this crazy world.


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Erin Sinclair said...


So very true. We are compelled to do it, we have to write and the satisfaction of a completed manuscript in your hands is priceless.

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

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