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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Family Adventure

As many of you know, I received a phone call from my Aunt Puchy, yes, that’s really her name, informing me that my 92 and a half year old grandmother Mima, god forbid, you steal that half a year from her, had two strokes and a heart attack in one week. I did the only thing I could. I packed up my car and took the 24-hour drive to Florida, alone. I was careful to pack everything I thought I might need. My iPod, cell phone, enough clothes to last me at least a week, my 1990’s 40-pound laptop, tool bag, in case anything needed repairing. Can’t blame a girl for thinking ahead and set off on the hot, gray pavement known as I20.

I started out with the cruise control set at the speed limit, 60 mph and about an hour into it, I was comfortably cruising at 70 mph. Funny how that happens, huh? I maintain my speed while other cars are passing me and honking their horns, as though I’m at a crawl. Idiots. Don’t they know how dangerous it is to speed? I ignore their reprimand and continue on my way finally crossing the Texas/Louisiana State line…3 hours later. I stop at the Welcome Center and examine the map. I notice that from where I started to where I am, only looks like two inches of travel time. Louisiana sure is big, very big, but I persevere and keep to the speed limit. Another 2 inches on the map and 3 hours of travel time later, I’m pulling into Alexandria, Louisiana.
Now, the little voices in my head start whispering to me, adding up each 2 inch section left on 49 and each 2 inch section on, I-10 and multiplying them by 3 (hours of travel time), and I’m not liking the answer. By my calculations, it’ll take me 3 days to get out of Louisiana.

I decide to make up some time and hit the road again. Only this time, I’m a little more understanding about the idiots passing me and join their caravan. I’m making up time and I’m happy until some driver, which insist on doing the speed limit cuts in front of me and won’t move.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re not in a hurry, the people passing you are idiots, but when you are in a hurry the people doing the speed limit are assholes?

I finally made it into Pensacola and got a couple of hours sleep. The following morning, I got up early, had breakfast and hit the road. Why? Because this idiot wanted an early start before the assholes woke up.

To be continued…


Patti said...

Annie, looking forward to part two! I know what you mean about the dirvers. Also saw you passed my son's Army base by Alexandria. Don't see that city mentioned to often. Hope all goes well and that grandma gets better.

Lynn Crain said...


You have hit the nail on the head!


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