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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Found Art

By A.J. Llewellyn

Sorry for the rotten pic, but I have a tiny digital camera and it was the best I could do at short notice and well...I did have to share.
I was walking my dog early this morning and I came across two huge paintings stacked against somebody's garbage bins. I was stunned at how lovely these pictures were. They are of bamboo and the colors were rich, intense and they just made me smile. We were halfway on our mile-and-a-half loop and I made a decision.
If they were still there on my return, I'd grab my car and take the paintings.
Why, I wondered somebody toss out these works of art?
Sure enough, to my surprise the paintings were still there so I went home, grabbed the car and was high-fiving myself that the pictures were still waiting for the garbage truck.
I got 'em home and they belong here. They are awesome. My dog and my cats think they're pretty groovy. Right now, they're sitting against the wall as I figure out where to put them.
Between my treasured Gary Reed pieces, my Eric Caldwells, the painting of Goddess Pele my friend Kate McKinney did for me and my vintage Hawaiian art...there isn't much room and I have huge place - with Cathedral ceilings!
My friend Cat came by for coffee and to view the new treasures. She asked me if perhaps I wasn't mistaken, that maybe the pieces weren't meant to be dumped.
But they were. They were out with the garbage...and here's the point of my blog today.
I have found unbelievable treasures on the street. over the years, I have brought home a staggering array of beautiful things. I found an incredible wooden frame that perfectly fits a painting I have of Princess Kaiulani.
When I took it to Aaron Brothers to have glass cut to size for it, the guy told me it was Balinese wood and very valuable. Then he offered me $10 for it.
Yeah, right!
I was in Malibu surfing when I saw a guy chucking out stuff, among them, a huge frame made of driftwood. He let me have it after some haggling. He'd planned to use it for a bonfire.
Don't ask.
It now proudly sits on my wall, framing a picture of Duke Kahanamoku.
I have a fantastic love seat, occasional tables, a few books, an album of Arthur Lyman's called Taboo (I swear, the universe sends me little gifts like this knowing I will treasure them) and I also have a collection of sea glass balls some idiot threw out not knowing you can get about a hundred bucks for each one on ebay.
I don't go looking for stuff, I truly don't, but since I am out so often walking my dog, I do find things. And once I find a home for my beautiful new art, I'll be on the lookout for the next trashed treasure. So I am wondering, am I the only one who finds and appreciates these gifts? Or have you found amazing things too?

Aloha oe,



Lynn Crain said...

I've personally not found anything recently but my Dad is always looking it seems. When we were growing up, he would find some of the best pieces of furniture and pieces of art in the trash or a yard sales.

We since found that some of his treasures he's found from other people's trash are actually worth some money. LOL!

I just don't understand why people throw certain items away before seeing if they have any value. There are always hidden treasures.


AJ Llewellyn said...

hi Lynn, thanks for the comment. Hope your back is better today, hon!

C.R. Moss said...

that looks like a great painting. hubby and I have found some nice things that others get rid of. & it's not like we go looking either.
guess those paintings were meant to find their way to your home.

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