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Monday, August 17, 2009

A contest & Into Eternity is available!

Contest~ Win a backpack full of goodies! ~
Psychics, aliens, vampires - oh, my! ~ The SiLudo Prophesy books
In light of my release Into Eternity, the third book in the Si’Ludo Prophesy series, I have been met with a challenge to sell at least 150 copies in sixty days and I need your help in meeting and exceeding that goal. And, to show my gratitude for your assistance, I am offering a number of prizes, one of which includes a backpack full of goodies (print books, gift certificates & surprises from other authors), for a lucky winner should I reach and exceed the 150 goal amount.
For details on how to enter this contest and the prizes, please visit: (Contest page on website)
Contest runs 08/15/09 to 10/15/09

Into Eternity is available!

The 3rd book in my Si’Ludo Prophesy series is now available at Devine Destinies!
About this series ~ the Si’Ludo books…
When I first started writing Postponing Eternity, the novel was going to be a full-on vampire story but it wasn’t flowing the way I really wanted it to. So I put it to the side and continued to work on a story line about triplet sisters who were wiccans. When Lynn mentioned extasy books was looking for manuscripts I wrote the sisters’ books with PE in mind and that’s when the whole idea morphed into what it is now ~ beings from another world who escaped from war and destruction where the good guys have special powers and psychic vampire abilities and the bad guys are more like your blood sucking vampires.
Si’Ludo is short for a man’s name. In my research for a viable alien world I came across a person who thought he found a planet near two stars in the Big Dipper. ~ Back in 1722, a German mathematics professor, J.G. Liebknecht, was examining Mizar with a crude telescope and chanced upon a faint star between Mizar and Alcor. He believed that he had discovered a new planet and named it "Sidus Ludoviciana" or "Ludwig's Star" after his sovereign, the Landgrave Ludwig of Hessen-Darmstadt. His hopes were to flatter his local sovereign in hopes of being granted money. But the reaction from other astronomers was universally unfavorable, as they noted that the "planet" was merely a telescopic star. The object never moved again, and Liebknecht disappeared in a hail of ridicule. Nonetheless, to this day, the star still retains the name that was bestowed upon it by Liebknecht when - for a few months anyway - it was thought to be a planet. Taken from: ~
The books with the sisters show the people’s sexual natures (and are erotic) check out info here: The Prophesy books deal more with the why they came to earth, the battle between the separated Si’Ludoians and allude to their future. Of course there’s romance thrown in between the main characters as they deal with their alienness and humanity.
Postponing Eternity ~ Book 1 ~ Facing one’s past, present and future along with discovering the use of supernatural powers can be challenging ~
Info can be found at:
“The imagination and detail put into Postponing Eternity alone makes it well worth reading.” For the full review please visit,
Prelude to Eternity ~ Book 2 ~ Only she knows what the past means for the future. ~
Info can be found at:
Into Eternity ~ Book 3 ~ If she fails, it will be the death of her love and maybe of them all.
Info can be found at:

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