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Monday, October 6, 2008

Would you drink it?

I was watching a couple shows on the Science channel (yes, I’m a geek) about time. The first show dealt with black holes, the beginning of the universe and how black holes may not be the end but the beginning. The second show discussed humans’ views on time and how we search for the key to immortality and/or an extension of life. One scientist mentioned that in the next 30 to 50 years it may be possible to reverse the aging process, where 60 year olds can reverse the aging process and go back to being about 40 years of age. Then in the 20 years or so that it takes them to get back to 60, more scientific breakthroughs will have occurred to assist in helping people live longer & as younger beings. Of course the show also discussed the creation of a magic elixir allowing us to drink of the fountain of youth. The host of the show asked people on the streets if they would drink the potion to have more time on the earth. There were quite a few mixed reactions. Some people said sure, that they enjoyed life. Others said they’d miss friends and family. Me? I’m undecided. I think I would need to spend a week or two in absolute seclusion with my papers, pens and books before I made a choice.
It made me think though. With the intense interest in paranormal stories where the characters are immortals, do we secretly long to experience endless time? Would you drink from the fountain of youth?
Share your thoughts on immortality/life extension with us.


Erin Sinclair said...

I don't want to live forever, I want to live the life I am currently living well and to the best my abilities and dreams have to offer and pursue.


Lynn Crain said...

Wow...what a tough question...does one want to live forever?

There's a whole movie dedicated to that theme, The Highlander. It's one I can watch over and over. BUT it had some very real reasons why not to live forever.

I think that within a hundred to a hundred and fifty years, I would have done and seen everything I could ever want. So maybe to that age and nothing more.

See, I've always known I have a very old soul. Along with that knowledge is the fact I know I'll live a long life. My mother always used to tell me I was such a strange girl for those thoughts, but what can you do? You know what you know.

Still, I don't believe humans are meant to live forever. Things breakdown and are meant to do so. How can we ever see what's on the other side if we're so afraid to go?

In today's society, we don't see death as a beginning but and end. Sure, ending here and moving on but the scientific fact remains that energy is neither created or destroyed. A large part of us is conscious energy therefore we can neither be created or destroyed. We can move forward to beyond the veil.

I suppose that my thought process is also tainted by the fact when I was very young I got pneumonia and might have died. I just remembered being thrown in the heavens and seeing wonders never before seen, touching them and thinking they were so beautiful. But I was tethered to the earth and had to come back. I was not yet finished with this world.

Would I drink it? Only to add a year or two to allow me to do everything I need to do here. Then I will gladly move on.


AP Miller said...

I watched that show CR and I agreed with what the scientists were saying and was thrilled at the same time. I knew it might be within my own lifetime that i would finally see the potion created for the fountain of youth. I'd heard about that theory for several years and remeber saying, "It won't happen" But hey anything is possible. Look at how far science has come with test tube babies and cloning. If you had the chance to do it all over again would you raise your own clone? That's a question I'd love to hear answered. As far as living forever? I would be all for it as long as my loved ones joined me. I think it would be interesting to watch the changes in the earth. Someday we may be living in the very world that we see in the Star Trek series. Technology has come almost that far.

Are aliens watching us? One day we may also know the question to that. Quantum leap? holes going into unilateral universes? Time travel? It's all very possible, I would love to live to see all that happen and go back in time myself.


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