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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Travel Channel and Gettysburg

For seven hours I sat and watched, glued to my television Yvette and her paranormal team speaking to the spirit world in Gettysburg, PA. LIVE.

Fo anyone who has ever been there you know what I'm talking about. For the duration of seven hours the public was allowed to view all the cameras set in the rooms of all the buildings they visited. They met with an entity named Michael who was reluctant to speak to them and at several times threatened them.

They met with Terrance, the seventeen year old soldier who accidently shot twenty year old Jennie Wade, the only civilian of the entire war of 11,000 Union and Confedrerate soldiers killed.

It brought me back to the time I visited years ago. It's a place you never forget. You know you're being watched, you see strange and unusual things happening, you hear them speak, see things move.

What we all saw in the viewing audience tonight was real. I think it was awesome that Yvette came back here to the states to do this again with her team from Most Haunted Live.

I can't wait for her to come back again.

This was the best all time pre Halloween show I have watched...and one I will not easily forget.

Happy Hauntings

AP Miller


C.R. Moss said...

i caught part of the gettysburg stuff they were showing. very interesting! bit freaky.

Lynn Crain said...

I know what you mean about Gettysburg. When I first saw it all I could do was stare. There's something about the place that draws you in and it certainly isn't what you expect.


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