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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doing The New York Thing

Well, I've gone and done it...the NY thing...and I'm sitting on pins and needles. Sigh.

Remember the series I told you about, Protectors of the Earth, that's the one I sent in. I did a complete package idea with some of them geared toward the ebooks they do and the rest toward their bigger books. There's seven books in all, interwoven with every story important to the whole.

And I haven't done this in years. I mean as in 1991 or something like that because when I discovered that NY didn't like any of the cross-genre stuff I did, I decided to wait. Then the erotic romance field opens up and bang, I'm in with them.

So, this weekend when you're all out and about, remember me and have a drink to NY for making people wait. I sure hope I won't wait long as the suspense is killing me. LOL!

Have a great week everyone...I'm off to write more elves.



C.R. Moss said...

woo-who! cograts for taking that step! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping you hear back soon that they want your stories.

AP Miller said...

I will keep my fingers crossed...NY will take a while to get back to you though..if you dont hear anything in 3 months make a phone call. Sometimes it can sit on a desk unopened for a while because they are just so busy. Give them time, sit back and relax. If they want it you should hear from them in a matter of days. But otherwise be prepared to wait a bit. It all depends on what projects they are working on at the moment.

hugs and good luck!

AP Miller

Lynn Crain said...

Thanks guys!

I am so keeping my fingers crossed and we'll have to see where everything goes.

I have a great new blog for the series and will post about it on Wednesday.


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