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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Big Picture

Sometimes when I’m writing I tend to forget the big picture of the business. Recently, I had talked to all of you about my submission to NYC. Well, that submission came hurling back with a personal note saying there were good things and there were things they didn’t embrace. The wonderful part is they didn’t say my writing was bad just not right for them. I also was told to submit again with something more to their liking. While it made me really sad since it had been 17 years since I had even tried to make the big time, in a way I was relieved.

Why you may ask? A lot of reasons. But for me, the main thing was I wasn’t looking at the big picture. Publication comes exactly when it’s supposed to and no sooner. Some people call it luck, some call it fate, some call it karma. I call it all those with a healthy dose of perseverance. And while you may have the best book in the world, if things aren’t lined up the way it’s supposed to be it won’t happen. Basically, there were things in my world that made it impossible to divide my attention any further. If you think you’re busy as a writer now, just wait until you get that NYC contract. This will magnify at least two fold.

Basically, I wasn’t ready and therefore, it wasn’t going to happen. Sigh. I think it’s something I’ll have to try a little harder at since I don’t write to a market, I write what I love. Lots of people write to the market and sell very well. I want to sell something I am completely passionate about and that’s why I took a chance on this series.

Does this mean I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and try again real soon? Probably. When I submitted this time, it was a particular series for a particular publisher. First, I need to find a home for that paranormal sci-fi erotic romance and if that isn’t pushing the boundaries, I don’t know what is. To see what it is all about, come see the opening of my new blog for the series called Protectors of the Earth. I’m putting the final touches on it right now. is where you’ll find the latest on one kick ass series.

The next thing I’ll try is an interesting little erotic romance. But this time, I’ll make sure my universe is as aligned as I can make it and know the time is perfect.



AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi Lynn,
I would take the personal note as extrmely encouraging and I would follow up as soon as possible on a submission that fits their criteria. Do you know how lucky you are a) to get a response, b) to get a personal note with suggestions?
I don't believe it doesn't mean you're not ready. The material wasn't the right fit.
I can't tell you how many submissions I have mailed that I never hear back on. Then there are the form rejection letters.
I have had a few doozies too - rejection letters addresed to other people and my personal favorite, a package returned to me THREE YEARS LATER with NO written on my query letter in red lipstick.
Get cracking, girl!

Jambrea said...

I agree with AJ! Take those personal notes and run with them. :)

Lynn Crain said...

You two are just so sweet! Thanks for the words of encouragement. I want to finish the series I'm on and come up with something really, really cool.

And I've got an idea brewing that will just be great...if I can finish what's on my plate quickly and get it to them.


AP Miller said...

Hi Lynn,

That is good news. What you need to do is follow their guidelines to completion..that's number one. Number two is find out what NY is buying right now. Email me privately and I will tell you. I was formerly pubbed in NY back in 89 and I always keep up from the inside out. Right now scifi is not a hot comodity, it sells but it's not the big deal book. TOR and Del Rey are the big scifi companies. I'd consider them first. I personally love your writing and can see you in NY, but before we all get excited about NY there are issues you will need to consider. As a matter of fact I will be blogging about it tomorrow now that the subject has come up. But I can tell you that it really isn't as glamorous as everyone seems to think and there are huge changes what I have to say on it the meantime keep writing and don't give up on your e-book publishers yet...


Lynn Crain said...

Thanks, AP! And no, I haven't given up on my ebook publisher at all. No way would I do that!

In this world there is only one way to be a successful author as I see it. You need to be both epublished and NYC published. They each provide you with different positive experiences and nuances. Most involve exposure and payment.

And I do have to agree with you that big publishing is changing. I only hope it's for the better.


Stephani Hecht said...

Lynn, at least you got a personal note and not the dreaded form letter. Keep going and never give up. I believe in you.

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