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Monday, January 18, 2010

Things that make you go :/ & :)

Last week I was in the midst of research for a series I'm planning and that's when/how I learned of the earthquake in Haiti. The info I stumbled upon was at this link: My first reaction to this 'wonderful' tidbit was WTF? then I looked at my husband and started asking a string of rhetorical questions (ones of which I won't venture into here since this is not meant to be a blog on religious views). Then there's the whole Rush Limbaugh commentary which had me again saying WTF, :/ ? I won't go into my views on this either but comments like Robertson's, Limbaugh's and the general public's makes me wonder if the big guy is shaking his head and regretting some of his decisions.
But in all of this I've had my own :) story. I wrote about it here:

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Lynn Crain said...

Yeah, it always amazes me how those with a 'holier than thou' attitude can be so blind to what the Bible really says.

They should all go see the Book of Eli and at least they'll see how it should be.

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