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Monday, January 11, 2010

tea, strange packages, chemistry & chocolate

I'm sitting here with a mug of green tea (decaf) that's laden with a generous portion of honey and two slices of lemon, contemplating life, the universe and ... how does it go? everything? anything?
So what to post? Talk about how life can change within a couple simple weeks? Nah. Talk about how messages from the Universe (or God and/or Goddess or whomever you follow) come in strange packages? Hmmm... Since you're probably wondering what my idea of a strange package might be, how about watching The Housewives of Orange County on the DVR. A couple goes to church and the preacher mentions a book and chapter from the bible then between his interpretation of the good book and cuts to housewife commentary, I receive some info that I needed to hear. I, of course, went into my library, got my bible and looked up the chapter to see how his interpretation compared to the passage. [Yes, I do own a bible. In fact, I own several religious texts including 2 versions of the good book. And y'all thought I wasn't religious.] But even though my dear husband's been telling me the same thing the Universe has deemed to bring through to me via the chicks of OC, I think I need the proverbial brick thrown at my head. & I believe it will be coming in the form of chemistry. It’s Sunday night. I’m trying not to dwell on matters that I don’t want to face but will probably have to deal with in the near future and trying not to think of how I’ll waste a few hours tomorrow with someone who’s probably working more for the insurance PTB than for the good of the people. But in the end there will be chemistry.
I know, I’m being as clear as a hunk of dark chocolate. It’s been a long day.
How about this… today's date looks binary. (011010 or 011110)
Then there’s also this… The following is the same forward as it is backwards: Was it a cat I saw

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

It's always amazing where revelations come from and I continue to be so daily.

Nice forwards and backwards. Wonder if that could be a title? LOL!


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