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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me & Bedrest

Sorry I didn't post this week as I have been on bedrest due to a bad hip.

Do you know just how bad it is for a writer who's not allowed to get to her computer?

Let me tell you, it will be a week of being a couch potato, plotting in my head and praying I don't go crazy. But there are a few episodes of Heroes I need to catch up on and I suppose now it the time. LOL!

See you all next week and we'll continue our journey toward publication. And how much did you all write this week?

Have a great week!



SiNn said...

awww getbetter hun we miss you and hope your gtting better

Lynn Crain said...

I did...I'm walking and doing much better this week...thanks, SiNn, for stopping by!


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