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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Hoolingans are Scared of What?

I asked the Halloween Hooligans "What would be the scariest thing in a Haunted House for you?" and these are their answers and also a little about the treats they are offering up for everyone this Halloween.
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C.R. Moss: Eerie music, the build up of suspense…nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, then BOO!

Jambrea Jones: Things jumping out at me. You know that scene from Psycho in the shower? I have a fear of someone ripping open the shower curtain on me. My husband will do that to me and even if I KNOW he is in the room, I jump and my heart stops for a second. lol
Laura Tolomei: Seeing my husband naked.
Courtney Breazile: Clowns. Hate clowns.
Angela Caperton: Hmm...Freaked out clowns. I can handle the chainsaw killers, the ghouls and zombies, but scary I am not a fan of regular clowns, so scary ones I'll pass on!
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Courtney Breazile- Reincarnated Death Wish -Out Now- “To Experience Passion is to Choose Death”
Jambrea Jones- Unseen Path -Oct 31st- “The Road Not Traveled Reveals a Destiny Unfulfilled”
Angela Caperton - Green Flash -Oct 31st- “During the Halloween Bacchanal Fantasy Fest Will Claire Embrace her Own Desires and Learn the True Nature of the Green Flash?”
C.R. Moss - In the Spirit -Out Now- “Can Love Heal Death’s Soul?”
Laura Tolomei - Bloody Passion -Oct. 31st- "The Druid, the Hunter, the Apprentice: Sex, Power, Transformation. What Else?"
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Anonymous said...

scariest thing in a haunted house? a mirror.

Congrats on all your releases!

Erin Sinclair said...

Scariest thing to me...losing your mind.

Erin Sinclair
"For love that's out of this world!"

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