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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fifteen Minutes

It amazes me what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame. We've had a couple big things in entertainment news. The Gosselin's and Balloon Boy.

Let's see, Jon was all happy with his show, the kids are good, then he finds out he is basically out of the show. What happens next? He goes where ever he can saying he wants the show stopped and it's bad for the kids. Um..okay, where was this sentiment when the show started. Does he think the American public is that stupid? Coincidence, I think not. He is doing whatever he can to keep his name in the news and what has it given him? A lawsuit. *sigh*

Balloon Boy. I guess we can be thankful his parents didn't think it would make a better show with the kid IN the balloon. *sigh* What is it teaching your children when you tell them to lie to the public. And what would have happened if a real emergency had taken place during this elabrate scheme? What has this given the family? Not a reality show (yet...they'll put anything on now a days) Probably a lawsuit. lol

I love getting my name out there and hearing what people think of what I write, but I have no plans on going to some extreme.

What a crazy world we live in.


The Blackraven said...

You are absolutely correct Jambrea! People will do anything to get the name in the spotlight, which is the reason I avoid reality shows. I know, people are looking at me crazy, but there are just others that I'd rather do with my time. For those who enjoy reality shows, more power to you. Just don't ask me about them if you don't want a blank stare. And basically, the Balloon family taught their child that it was okay to lie - the boy who cried wolf is all I can say.

Great topic!

Rhonda said...

Jambrea, great blog! I don't care for reality shows either. I think the family with the balloon boy will be facing some criminal charges and someone needs to step in to look out for the kids.

Jambrea said...

Funny thing? I like some reality shows, but I do think you need to draw the line somewhere. When they involve people over the age of 18, I'm pretty cool with it because it is their choice. It's when you bring kids into the picture that I wonder. Now, I like TLC, but do I think we need to follow these kids around, day in and day out, no. At least that was tasteful though.

jennifer said...

I only like those reality show that are like dating shows lol somethings people will do to get a date honestly. but the balloon boy thing that's just messed up. and what should we do ? they did it for attention should we give them more by continuing to follow this or not?

Nancy G said...

I'm not a big fan of "reality" shows. I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because they are helping deserving people (and Ty is kinda hot) But so many of these things are just stupid, to me. Maybe its my age, but when I turn on the television, it is for entertainment not reality. Unless it's the news.

Erin Sinclair said...

It's been a while, but the last time I checked TLC stood for The Learning Channel (it is part of the Discovery channel production company). At what point in time did these ridiculous "reality" shows that are plastering the air waves define education?

They are voyeuristic crap and they are not real. They are staged and well produced programs, the only thing real is that the actors have never before been seen.

Look at some of the Survivor folks, one of whom is a very prominent interviewer now on The View. Reality show people are unemployed actors who can't acquire an agent and don't have the siliconed, anorexic look so craved by Hollywood today.

The Learning Channel use to be about science, history, art, etc. but those types of shows don't bring in ratings therefore advertising therefore big bucks the network honchos want. Heaven forfend learning something when cheap, mind numbing entertainment is apparently far more palatable to the viewing public. It's not just American TV either, these shows are everywhere. The one thing we need to keep in mind as learning erodes is the government loves uneducated constiuents, so much easier to manipulate.


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