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Monday, May 17, 2010

Something new

I'm happy to announce the release of the next book in my Dirty Little series -- Dirty Little Girl! This story follows Mary Jane's daughter Jamie Sue as she escapes life in the country and ends up in a big city, Las Vegas to be exact.
One bite and life will never be the same...
Tired of living with her crazy mother, Jamie Sue embarks on an adventure of her own seeking life in a big city. A strange urge prompts her to stop and stay in Las Vegas so she gets off the bus and settles in. When she meets her golden angel, Michael, she believes she’s found the love of her life, but things aren’t always what they seem. Will the bite of his love change her forever?
This story is a lead in to my June 15 release, Dirty Little Demons. I love the cover for it, too:

You can see the trailer for it here:
Dirty Little Girl is available at now!

Happy reading!
C.R. Moss

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

Nice covers.

Hope all goes well with the books.


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