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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My construction zone

I am currently living in a construction zone. Not that this is anything new. Since we bought this house seven years ago we have done something to every single part of it. Some things were small like new stick tile and paint in the laundry room when we were moving in. Some were huge like creating a gorgeous bathroom and office downstairs out of unfinished basement. All done by me and mostly my wonderful husband. With the occasional help of friends and family.

Right now we are in the middle of tackling the kitchen which has been a terrible eyesore for the last seven years, even though its been repainted twice. It had no dishwasher! UGH! And the counter tops were pulling away from the wall. It has been saved so long to be done since it worked and it was going to be a rather pain in the ass of a project and more expensive as others as well. But we are finally doing it and its coming along very nicely.

After only a week we have everything stripped out, the walls sheet rocked, mudded, primered and painted, the floor tore out and nearly done being tiled with a beautiful terra-cotta colored tile. Hubby plans to have it all done tiled and grouted today! YAY! I plan to take our girls shopping so we can stay out of his way...seems fair to me...

Tomorrow we should be able to start putting in the cabinets and very soon we won't have to live with out kitchen shoved into out dinning room and living room and live without a stove. Barbecue and microwave meals just are not enjoyable after a week of them. And since I hate fast food...take out is not always and option either.

So my construction zone is almost done, until the next project starts, which will be much smaller I am sure! I hope!


Erin Sinclair said...

I always use to say my house was a work in progress!

How exciting, good luck and be sure to post an after photo!


courtneybreazile said...

Thanks Erin, I will definitely post after pics!

Lynn Crain said...

Your house sounds like mine! There is always something to do to make it better.

My only issue is when something doesn't work like it should i.e. the last time it rained we had seven leaks in the roof. We didn't even know it was an issue.

You'll love the terra cotta...we have it in the living room and dining room and it's fantastic!

Give us some pictures when it's all done!


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