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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me, a cougar?

I always pictured cougars as being single women in their 40s, preying on young men in their 20s. Well just recently I told a friend about someone I met who is a young'in (20). I, a married woman of 33, saw myself as just being nice. I can't help it I have a flirty personality. It's just how I releate to people. So now several people are telling me I'm preying on this innocent guy.

I'm not whining, I actually kinda think being called a cougar is funny. I'm of the mind set that I want to play with them not raise them. So for now I guess I should be honored that someone thinks I am capable of corrupting an innocent boy.

1 comment:

Lynn Crain said...

I would have to agree with you, Jo. I've always equated being a cougar with a woman over 40 although I do vaguely remember it being mentioned...LOL!

I would consider you a flirt though...LOL!


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