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Thursday, May 13, 2010


By A.J. Llewellyn
Meet Paco. He was a lost, homeless dog scavenging for food on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when a kind hearted American couple rescued him. Josiah Allen and Erin docking fell in love with this funny-looking, adorable little guy and decided to give him a home. They went through all the procedures of traveling with a dog, took him to the vet, got him treated for ticks, an eye infection and got him all his shots.
They bought a special, airline-approved crate and trusted Delta Airlines to safely load the dog on board for the trip to his new home in Detroit, Michigan.
When the couple arrived, they were shocked to find Paco had not made the flight. Delta staff said they 'forgot' to board the dog but he would be cared for until he was put on the next available flight.
When they called the next day to check on his arrival, nobody knew anything and the story changed.
Delta said the dog somehow escaped his crate.
Where is Paco?
This is a devastating story when it is obvious Paco went through so much before this ordeal.
Now it appears that Delta's changing stories is especially worrisome. To top it off, the airline says they have stopped searching for Paco.
Is he dead or alive?
I've lost luggage thanks to airlines. A friend of mine lost his championship surfboard.
Nothing however compares to the loss of life, especially one that is entrusted to us. I am haunted by Paco's story because I am an animal lover and because I plan to move to Hawaii soon. I will be transporting three animals.
Should anything happen to my dog or my cats, believe me, the airline responsible for screwing up so royally will have more than a petition to deal with.
In the meantime, please consider signing the petition started by the wonderful Care 2 group which is putting pressure on Delta to keep searching for Paco - and to admit the truth about what happened to him. Paco's humans need 10,000 signatures to persuade Delta keep searching for the little guy.
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CynStorm said...

I am so outraged! I feel sick thinking about him and where he could be, who has him or even if he is still in that crate somewhere and can't get free to scavenge for himself.

This is complete disrespect for a life being. If this was person, the heavens would be moved. If this was a pop stars suitcase, the airport would have been stop to a stand still. The fact that this little guy who has so much more to offer than a stupid suitcase is being discarded literally puts me in a violent state.

I have signed the petition and will never deal with that airline for as long as I live!

Gros Bisou AJ, thank you for writing about it.


Serena Yates said...

A haunting story indeed, AJ. It makes me sick how callously those airline employees probably treated the dog. Changing stories are never a good sign, as I've learned from losing luggage.

I signed the petition and hope that many more people will follow suit. More importantly, I hope someone finds Paco and the airline returns him to his home!

Thank you for writing the blog and making more peole realize hat's going on.


AJ Llewellyn said...

Thank you so much Cyn and Serena...and thank you for signing the petition. I feel just sick about this poor little dog.

Caroline said...

This story just sickens me. I not only signed the petition I also sent the information along to family members. We are all die hard animal lovers. I just pray they find paco. How could anyone loose an animal. I think it is bullshit. In my opinion Delta can not even be trying.

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