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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Little Things Do Inspire

I stressed over the weekend for a blog topic. I had no idea what to write about, but then while watching New Moon (yes, I admit I went to the theater to see the show—twice!—and enjoyed staring at a well-defined almost legal male :} ) I got inspired. No, not to leave my husband and prey on younger men. I got inspired to write. There are a few things that Taylor Lautner (or Jacob if you will) does that simply made my muse stand up and say “Hey, get off your arse and write!” Like that little half-smile, the way he leans his head on Bella when she snuggles up to him (stupid girl should have picked the shape-shifter!)

I am just amazed at where our muses find inspiration to give us that kick in the backside. I find that if I’m having a bad writing day I can turn on my iPod and shuffle the songs. My muse tends to pick the perfect songs during the shuffle play to help keep my writing juices flowing. I have found that my muse gets inspired by the Phantom of the Opera and Twilights (both) soundtracks, Nickelback, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift and 98 Degrees. At least that’s what’s working for her right now.

While the music is great, I find that having the pictures of my characters plastered all over my wall help add fuel to the fire. Ooh, there’s nothing that keeps you motivated like pictures of half-naked muscle men... unless of course it’s a REAL half-naked muscle man, but then I wouldn’t be doing much writing if he were in the room.

Did you know that one can get tons of writing done simply by turning on the XBox, placing husband on couch with game remote in his hand and telling him to waste as much time as he wants? Oh yeah, works like a charm! I’m talking 3000 words in a little over an hour. So that might not be a big number for some, but for me that’s a huge number! I thank the gaming Gods for creating Modern Warfare!

But I digress. My whole point today is take that inspiration where you can get it. Keep a notebook with you at all times because you never know where that flashbulb will appear.


Tamsyn said...

Hi Johanna, I haven't seen the movie but I have the book. Guess I should go and see it, huh? :o)

Lynn Crain said...

Great post!

Seems like our muses all left at the same time! LOL!

And you are so right on the silly girl!


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