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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Joys of Work Spouses

Be honest. How many of you have work spouses? You know what I'm talking about--that guy/girl coworker who becomes your sounding board, your support. Scarily enough, my work spouse is eerily similar to my hubby. They are exactly one year apart in age, had the same illness/surgery as infants, and their personalities are way too similar. Thankfully they don't look alike, other than both being handsome. Of course they are good friends with each other, so I can't get away with anything. I mean not at all. If I do something stupid at work, WS is on the phone saying "Do you know what our wife did today?"

I know some people think having a work spouse is strange, and some might consider it cheating. I can only imagine what my critique group thought when I started talking about the surrogate husband. If I were a less confident person I would be incredibly intimidated (and worried!) about my husband's work spouse who is tall, thin, blonde and beautiful. But thankfully she and I have a great friendship, and there are no worries.

While my work spouse is good looking, there are no friends with benefits in our relationship. No, you know what, there are benefits. HUGE benefits. WS is a bottomless pit of knowledge on the male psyche. If there is anything I need to know about men (anything my husband won't tell me for whatever reason) I can ask WS. Since meeting WS, I have learned more about Viagra, male extensions and all sorts of diseases than I ever wanted to know. I have created some of my favorite secondary characters because of work spouse, and real hubby gets credit for all my awesome heros.

Can you imagine the story potential here? The story could easily turn erotic, or it could be a sweet story with a twisted love triangle. Ooh, or even a slasher story--jealous spouse out for revenge. No?

Ok, so why am I rambling about a guy I'm not intimate with? Well, I'm curious to know how many others have work spouses, and how that relationship is perceived by the real spouse. And upon closer inspection, how many of those work spouses actually have traits your real spouse does?


booklover0226 said...

Well, I don't have a spouse but some of my male coworkers (past and present) have some traits I find very attractive. Sometimes, I would look at them and say to myself, "why is yout butt taken, already?"

To this day, I value their friendship and glad that is how it has stayed.

Tracey D

Lynn Crain said...

I can't say I was that weirded out when you started talking about him at all. No, my mind wandered lower...into all those scenarios you talk about...just imagine. LOL!


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