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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Believing In Santa

Its the Christmas season and there is merry everywhere you look. I love it! I am a Christmas fanatic. I am the type who puts up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving if I can. I love buying gifts, I love wrapping gifts and I absolutely love the look on my daughter's faces when they see their stockings filled from Santa Clause.

My oldest daughter is 11 this year and she still believes in Santa thankfully. I am sure she is starting to have major doubts and I am convinced that she only believes because she is ignoring that she knows its false. I figure this is our last year with her believing and I am soaking it up. I have taken them to see Santa at the mall and made them write their letters to Santa.

I wish it could be like this forever.

My other daughter is 4 and i am sure she won't believe for as long as her sister. She has a very quick mind and asks questions already about the Santas she sees in the malls. She tells me that those are not the real Santa, and I tell her that they are Santa's helpers. I don't remember my older daughter ever questioning that, not out loud anyway until she was much older. I would hate for my youngest to stop believing in only a couple years.

Its so much more magical when there is a Santa. I know that when I stopped believing I was probably 7 or so, and I was so proud of the fact that I knew. But remembering back I think my mother was quite disappointed that I knew. Having your children believe makes it so much more fun for you as well as them.

After I knew there really wasn't much of a change though, we still had our stockings stuffed at night. Although I think that there was less left from Santa, just stockings instead of stockings and a gift or two under the tree. I suppose it just doesn't make sense to try and hide gifts when the belief is gone.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful season and whether you get to be Santa or not that you enjoy the time with those you love.


Tamsyn said...

It is sort of sad that kids are wising up so early but many of my friends' kids still believe in Santa and wait eagerly for their gifts on Christmas Day!

Lynn Crain said...

I love thinking back when my boys were little and loved Santa. It makes me kinda misty as they are 33 and 17 this year and my oldest is expecting twins.

I look forward to the little ones next year.


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