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Thursday, November 20, 2008


By A.J. Llewellyn

Have you ever ignored 'em?
I don't know what it is about us men but we and I know I am guilty of it particularly, but we like to ignore 'em.
I was once driving up to Haleakala volcano with a friend and the sign ahead, painted in yellow on an old piece of bark read Danger: Turn Back.
I was pissed. It's a long way up to the top of a volcano and I was not going to turn around. I got out, moved the sign a little to the left, drove around it and almost went straight over the cliff.
Ooops. I didn't realize that a fissure in the road erupted and 90% of it gave way.
My friend has not stopped talking about it.
A few months ago my engine light went on and I ignored it. I figured, I have time. I'll get it fixed when I have extra money. Well my car has been driving great and each day I ignore the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light.
My brother however, who is visiting me, freaked when he saw me merrily driving along with that warning.
"Don't look at it," I said. "I don't."
Last night, my car gave up giving me signs. It seized up completely and I believe my mechanic is probably going to tell me it's done. Had it. I looked at it this morning and it's a nice car. It's been great. This is like a divorce. Or is it a death?
I'm not ready to say goodbye. Parting is not sweet sorry. Parting is my own damned fault. Just like a relationship that needs attention, I let my old sweetheart go. I should have seen the signs. Now, I'm shopping for a new car. And paying closer attention to signs. Any signs.

Aloha oe,



Jambrea said...

"Don't look at it," I said. "I don't." ROFLMAO!

Oh AJ...I'm sorry your car has left you. I'm sure you will find a replacement. I know it won't be the same, but the new car can help you heal. :D

Bo said...

Wow - The moral of this post is so great and one that no only men need to pay attention to, but women as well. Great job AJ!

C. A. Salo said...

We all ignore those signs AJ. But almost going off a cliff...Man, READ the sign! "Danger Will Robinson, Danger" LOL

Here's a quote, I love from The People's Court - Judge Marilyn Millian

"You are covering up the sunshine with one finger...
You're not blind -
You're covering up what you don't want to see."

Nitaelf said...

Ok Baby Bro. That's just damn dangerous. You almost get yourself killed and then you go and kill your car. I don't know... I may end up having to babysit you yet. LOL

Love Ya Kiddo,


Angi said...

you kill me, AJ.

I hope this teaches you a lesson LOL

Erin Sinclair said... My husband responds the same way to instructions and extra pieces parts always abound. I figure one good earthquake then will know what those pieces parts were really for.


Sophia Danu said...

LOL AJ! There is a reason those signs are there. Who knew? hehe

Sorry about your car. Glad you are alive. :)

Lynn Crain said...

I'm one of those people who always look at signs. Especially ones in my car. LOL!

I had a friend once ruin her '57 Chevy because she igored the oil light. Cost her a lot.

BUT there are some signs most people tend to ignore. Like when their pants are a little tight, the nagging shoulder ache or the cough that won't let go.

Yeah, we all ignore signs. It just depends on us which ones.


Stephani Hecht said...

You sound like me, AJ. Whenever my car starts to make a funny noise I just turn up the radio so I don't hear it anymore.

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