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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Addicted

That is right, I’m addicted. You might ask what I am addicted to. *sigh* Blog writing contests. That’s right, I’ll confess. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? So I’ll say it loud and proud, I’m addicted to Blog writing contests. *whew* that wasn’t too hard. *grin*

I do have a reason for bringing this up, I swear. I enter them to help me stretch my writing. It forces me to focus and maybe write something I normally wouldn’t. My first couple of contests I didn’t win, but the experience was worth it. Then I entered a contest to write a hot f/f (female/female) scene. I WON! I was totally shocked and did not expect it at all because it was something I didn’t even know if I could write. Now it is a work in progress that I hope to get back to soon.

Recently, I entered a Halloween contest. I was very excited with my feedback. A lot of people asked if it was a work in progress. At that time it wasn’t, but…things do change. I’ll get back to that. Ok, the five people who had the most positive comments would go on to a judging round. I campaigned HARD for this. I wanted to make sure I stayed in the top five because I wanted to see what the judge (who is an editor for a publication company) had to say. You can just imagine my excitement when I was not only in the top five, but the top three! Then it became a waiting game.

I just found out the results and I came in fourth. I am very happy with fourth place. I was among four other fabulous authors and it really was an honor to be among them.
There was more good news. Remember when I said earlier that things change? The editor offered all five of us a chance to finish our story and submit it. How awesome is that?! The cool thing, this publisher is closed to submissions unless you are already an author with them or through invitation! I feel so lucky!

Now the real work begins because I have no idea where I’m going to take my story. This is the part I have the most fun with, the idea of what to write. Who are my characters? Why is she at this house? Why is there a cage in this person’s bedroom? Who is she trying to help and why? They are all questions I’ll have to answer before I can really start writing.

So I would say being addicted to Blog writing contests isn’t always a bad thing. *grin* The outcome can be very promising.


joyroett said...

How exciting!

I can't wait to find out where you characters end up either :)

AJ Llewellyn said...

Hi Jambrea,
Congratulations again on being one of the finalists in our contest at Seven Wicked Writers. I hope between blog contests you finish that wonderful story and submit it. Great blog, hon!

Lynn Crain said...

Congrats on being a finalist in a contest. That is always fun!

Just how do you find these contests?

I do agree with you that it would make you stretch as far as writing. First, you have a set number of words and a deadline. BUT you get the opportunity for feedback right away. That in itself is worth it all!


Jambrea said...

Joy...I'm sure you'll know before anyone. lol


Lynn...Thanks! I happen upon them really. I don't go searching and they are usually blog contest. Sometimes there will be a post on a loop I'm on. :) I agree, instant feed back is very nice!

Kristie said...

I've said it before but Good Luck again! You deserve it and I think you'll do a great job on the story.

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