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Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Characters Human – Part 3

Making Characters Human – Part 3: Bathing in the Sun ~ the other half

In part two we went over the basic personality traits of the human you’re creating through the use of the character’s Sun Sign.
Again I’d like to reiterate that this is not the work of the occult or for fortune telling. Here the use of astrological aspects is to develop a character. Think of yourself as a detective putting the pieces of a puzzle together to see what makes a person do what they do.
“More to the Sun Sign ~ Stuffing those bags to the hilt…”
So you’ve matched the date on your character’s ‘birth certificate’ to those on the list to find out his or her Sun Sign and you’ve found some positive and negative traits of the sign to build up the character’s personality. Now we’re going to take a glimpse at what makes them tick in regard to Love/Sex, Career/Money, Family/Children, and Health/Leisure. Keep in mind the following lists are by no means comprehensive. We’re only touching the tip of the astrological iceberg here and still have other aspects of the character’s natal chart to cover in the next two articles. Also, each sign has listed who they are said to be compatible with. You may want to take note of this if you’re writing a second character to match with your main character. And, because opposites do attract, those are noted as well. A worksheet is included at the end of the article for you to use as a guideline.

Fire Signs are: lively, aggressive, active, dynamic, thrive on work, action, innovation, and challenge
~ Aries – March 21 to April 20
Said to be compatible with: other Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius; Opposite – Libra
Love/Sex: tend to fall in love/lust at first sight; liable to have a high sex drive; passionate, fastidious lovers; courtship can be ignored; can be selfish in the bedroom; promiscuous
Career/Money: makes for good athletes and climbers, doctors, explorers, soldiers, sailors and airmen, and leaders; courageous leaders; do not make very good followers; responsible; need engaging environment; likes to spend money and has to learn how to save
Family/Children: can have tendency to put family second; highly devoted to their children; defensive and loving; not big on being a homebody
Health/Leisure: energy needs to be properly used; tend to be accident prone; prone to headaches, sunstroke, neuralgia, depression, indigestion, nervous disorders; competitive sports are important; leisure time might be spent doing the same thing that’s done at work; do-it-yourself jobs; investing; interest in astronomy/astrology
~ Leo – July 23 to August 22, 23
Said to be compatible with: other Leos, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra; Opposite – Aquarius

Due to the length of this article, it has been truncated for the blog. For the full article and worksheet please visit:


Lynn Crain said...

I love this! This is so very, very interesting.

I'm going to have you do the charts for all my Protector characters. LOL!

Keep telling us about new and different ways to look at our characters.


C.R. Moss said...

thanks! glad you like it!

Stephani Hecht said...

I have found these posts so educational. Thanks for all the info.

C.R. Moss said...

you're welcome Stephani! glad you're finding them useful

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