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Thursday, April 8, 2010


By A.J. Llewellyn
I've fallen in love. Thanks to my awesome pal Jackie Kallen, the First Lady of Boxing, I've discovered the awesome joys of Wordscraper, a Scrabble-style game played on Facebook. I had no idea the game existed but it's one of the many applications available on the social networking site and it has saved my life.
I used to be one of those socially-awkward people who punished friends and family members for a game of ScrabbIe. Yes, my nieces and nephews run when they see me searching for them with my board in hand. I have a Travel Scrabble and have hit up strangers on planes who feign sleep after several rounds.
I lived in eternal frustration because I love word games and I love Wordscraper. You can play with one person or more and I currently have several games going.
Jackie and our mutual friend, author Norma Zager play, Scrabble and eat cheap Chinese food at Fu's Palace...not as often as we'd like, but the beauty of Wordscraper is that you play if and when you feel like it. I happen to think Chinese food goes great with the game, but that's just me.
You can eat, drink, do anything you want when you play Wordscraper. You can play naked!
Just click the application link and check if it's your turn. You make your move and leave it to your opponent to make their move.
Jackie and I are on our second game and unlike Scrabble, which requires your immediate attention, the beauty of this game is that you make your move and go about your day...and still get to keep what Hercule Poirot called "the little grey cells" active.
Studies show that playing word games keeps your mind young and things like Alzheimer's far away. I currently have seven games going, including one with author Serena Yates and others with my pals Caroline, Sandra, Cynthia and Silver.
Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have outed them all like this?
Anyway, I have no idea who created this game or how long it's been on Facebook but it's one of my healthiest obsessions (my other most lethal one being cupcakes).
So if you find yourself at a loose end and wanting to join the e revolution of mind and word games, check out Wordscraper. Hit me up, I challenge you and welcome you to the fun side of social networking. Your secret fetish will be safe with me.
It's your move,



CynStorm said...

Our secret is not safe, you just outed a whole bunch of people buddy! lol

I have heard of this game, and have to be honest, I would be one of those people running away from you if you were carrying a Scrabble board coming towards me. lol

My mother used to make my sister and I play to develop our vocabulary, she meant well and it worked, but the result is that my sister and I avoid it at all costs.

That being said I will go take a look at Wordscraper because my favorite people are there and I need to give it a honest to goodness try before I make judgement.

Loved your post!

Me ke aloha,

Serena Yates said...

Hey AJ, you can out me any time! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed discovering this game online - especially since you're more than a match for me. I love the fact that you're able to beat me!

Oh, and some of the words you've taught me (like JATO) have already stood me in good stead in some of my other games.

Doesn't quite replace cupcakes or chocolate for me - but it's close!


AJ Llewellyn said...

Cyn, play with me....puhleeeze!
Serena, I love playing with you and the words are awesome, aren't they? Qua has become one of my staple word game words...yet to use it in an actual story. Have to find a use for it - and jato, of course!

Erin Sinclair said...

Did you hear that the Euro version is going to allow PROPER NAMES? Unthinkable! LOL


Caroline said...

Geez I don't know just kidding. I have to say I love this game...not because I have won any. I have lost every single game I have played. I like it for the same reasons you mentioned. I go about my day and when I am ready I go and check on my games.
I admit I am kind of obsessed and I check on my games often. When a friend has the time and takes their turn, Its like a little surprise hello. I get excited. Its like "Oh look at that Serena, Silver, or AJ has been here Yaay!!!Ok so I outed all my friends playing Thank you for intoducing this game to me it has saved my sanity in my idle times. xoxo, Caroline

Silver Pixies said...

AJ? I dont know no stinking AJ's?!!Just kidding darling. I love playing Wordscraper with you darling thank you for playing with me :o) you can out me anytime you want too..



Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Lynn Crain said...

Another reason for me to get on Facebook sooner than later. Thanks for the information on what looks to be a great game.


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