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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keeping Blood

The second in The Immortal Council Series is now out at Extasy Books. This book is the story of Alexia, daughter of Zyra and Tarquin, hero and heroine of Blood Visions.
Keeping Blood: When your a dangerous hybrid, every immortal is your enemy.
Born into a world of immortal creatures Alexia is a one of a kind hybrid between her vampire mother and werewolf father. Shunned by both species she is alone in her world, wishing only to be human and for once, truly accepted. Ian, a werewolf from another pack, shows up and claims she is his fated mate, much to his own displeasure. When Alexia's parents disappear, she is forced to ask Ian and a very unpleasant vampire, Paxton, for help in finding them. Thrown together in their mission to save her parents will they also find that they share a fate to be mated. Will Alexia finally find acceptance with Ian, or will their differences keep them apart.
Ian was around the table in an instant, his hands grabbing her arms in a brutal grip, his glowing eyes bored into her with barely restrained violence.
Alexia felt her blood start to pound through her veins, she knew if she hadn't drank blood earlier today she would have merged and ripped out his throat to protect herself from him. She had finally pushed him too far, he was going to treat her like she expected, and then she could hurt him back and be satisfied that she was right. There was no chance for a true mating with him or any other were.
"No one deserves the kind of treatment you have been dealt. I am your mate and as is my right I will protect you." He bent his head close to hers and his hot breath fanned her cheek, his mouth whispered so near her ear she could feel his lips brush against her sensitive skin. "I want you, Alexia, because you are strong and you are beautiful. I will have you because you are my mate."
As his words sank into her bruised soul he anger turned to something else, something hotter and so much more unsettling.
Alexia could hear his blood pulsing at his throat, so near her mouth. Her fangs extended and her mouth watered for a taste of him. Desire swirled fast and hot, low in her belly, she couldn't hold back the hungry groan.

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