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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Queen of the Three Chapters

Recently, I was asked to do a series of blogs for another group. Since I'm on deadline this week with a couple of different stories, I thought I would just recyle what I did for them. Thanks for being so patient with me!

At the bottom, you'll see who the winner of this week's ebook is! And now to the meat of my post (LOL)!

Catchy title, huh? My name’s Lynn Crain and I’m the writer of over fifteen published books in the erotic romance and paranormal genres. My friends tell me I write the ‘weird stuff.’ This is a little look into my journey or how it all began. And it’s been long and fun and rewarding!

I’m sure those of you reading this wonder just what the heck I’m writing about. Well, like most writers my education has been long and tedious. I began writing at twelve because I felt sure I was as good as Margaret Mitchell. My first novel would be a fabulous Civil War romance with all the right characters and the right story line. But first, I need to learn about writing...after all I was only twelve.

I started many, many years ago with RWA. In 1983 to be exact. During my first few year, I learned, or thought I did, everything I could about the romance genre and how to write it. Then I entered my first Golden Heart competition and failed miserably.

So miserably that the judge there told me I couldn’t write myself out of a paper bag. At first I was sad, really sad and told myself I would never write again. But I loved writing. I had said, I had been writing since I was twelve when I sold my first poem. I didn’t want to do anything else with my life...I wanted to be a WRITER!

I allowed myself to wallow, and wallowing it was, in self pity for about twenty-four hours before I got mad. I decided then and there, I would show this person, this judge who ripped me to shreds. And I would do it the correct way. I would learn everything I could about writing and the genre of writing.

So I went to every RWA meeting and conference I could afford. I became the founding chapter president and gathered around me like minded people. I even worked for a small press publisher as I wanted to understand both sides about the business. I eventually became a member of RWA’s National Board and learned even more about the industry.

During this whole time I was entering contests. Lots of them. So much so, my chapter and those who knew I wrote started to call the Queen of the Three Chapters. And at the time, it was well deserved. I had perfected just how to put together a five page synopsis and a kick-ass first three chapters. But did I really have a book in me.

Sure, I was slowly and I mean slowly working on one but it was hit and miss. Then came the day that RWA required, heaven forbid, a full manuscript to enter the Golden Heart. Now that novel didn’t have to be pretty or anything, it just had to be done. LOL!

So, here I was, sitting in front of my old desk, wondering where to go next. Sure, I knew what to do. I understood how to get from point a to point b. It was all the stuff in the middle I worried about but if I were going to enter the Golden Heart ever again, this had to be done.

So three months out, kicking myself for not paying attention more in all those classes about the wonderful endings and saggy middles, I proceeded to complete my first book. And once it was was a labor of love...something to this day I stand by proudly. Has it seen the light of day? No, but I’m hopeful because it was the first in a series of seven called the Nevada Nights series. It’s my hope that I will complete that series one day.

But my life turned in different directions because of family and my own writing. My writing career would have to go on hold for awhile until I had more me time.

Catch me tomorrow with ‘Never Give Up, Never Surrender.’ Until then...

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for...drumroll please...the winner of this week's ebook, Giselle's Elf, is
Annalisa! Come on down Annalisa...just email me at and I'll send you your free copy of Giselle's Elf!

Now remember everyone, there is no purchase necessary for getting into my contests. All you need to do is to read this blog and give your comments!

Again, don't forget to enter next week for a FREE copy of my book An Elf's Magic! See you then and have a great week!



Erin Sinclair said...

You know, your story and mine are eerily parallel only I haven't had the nerve to enter a big contest yet. One day ;).


SiNn said...

Lynn im glad you NEVER gave up if u had no one would know how awesome you are and Erin im sure you would do so well i havent read your work or anything but if they are similar then ur bound to do awesome

Lynn Crain said...

LMAO!! Is that so, Erin?

I was really gutsy when it came to entering contests. It was fun but hard at the same time. It was fun because I would place and not so fun when I wouldn't follow through.

I'm better now. :-)


Lynn Crain said...


Thank you so much.

And you are so right, it's all about not giving up!

Thanks for stopping by!


quiltingreader said...

I'm glad you write "weird stuff." Because I don't find it weird at all.

Lynn said...

Thanks, quiltingreader!

Me either and that's why I write it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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