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Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful news ~ from C.R. Moss

Hello everyone from sunny Las Vegas, where it’s promising to be a beautiful day in the high eighties. And, not only is the weather making the day wonderful but I have fantastic news as well. I’m proud to announce that my first print book is now available on Yea!
The book is called The Mystics and is comprised of my Si’Ludo Sisters trilogy and a fourth story, The Redeemer, only to be found in the print version. For more information about the book(s) feel free to visit my website:
To buy a copy click on this link: The Mystics at
(If the link doesn’t work, go to – books – advanced search. In the author field type in C.R. Moss then click search.)
Thank you for your readership!
P.S. The third book in the trilogy is available in e-book format. An announcement was not sent out about the release at the beginning of September because it would soon be available in the print format as well. Should you wish to buy an electronic version of the third book of the trilogy – Atonement – you may at:
The encroaching twilight once more drew her focus to the landscape. Above the mountain stars appeared in the dusky thistle colored sky and the quiet voice within her mind recalled the names of the three closest and largest ones—Alco, Miza and Mizu. The innate knowledge informed her that the star Alio, The Signifier, would also grace the sky that night, indicating change was on the way. The bright orb would remind them all that the process had begun. The great planet Si’Ludo would rise. Pwu Ihu, The One, their Messiah, would come. The rift caused by the Great Divide would be healed. All would be as it once was.
A deep pang of longing for all of it to come to pass settled in her core. She put her hand to her mouth and stuck her forefinger’s knuckles between her teeth so as not to cry out. How could she know these things? How come she felt such intense yearning for everything her inner voice, her voice, she realized, had mentioned? She wasn’t a part of this world. She shouldn’t know anything about it!
Behind her, the huge wooden door creaked open and, in the reflection of the window, she watched Hawk-man enter. A toga like outfit adorned his tall, lean body, the white cloth glaringly bright against the dark room and held close to him at the waist by a wide gold belt. Leather boots fit snug along his calves.
Casually he came up behind her, put an arm around her waist and positioned her to face him. With his free hand, he captured her chin in a vice like grip and tilted her head up. The dark beady eyes gazed down at her. A chill streaked down her spine, sending zings of ice along her peripheral nerves.

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