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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

His First Week of Freedom

Last week I told you all that my youngest graduated from high school. I had thought that he would at least wake up a little to realize boyhood is almost over and he has to start looking at the real world with different eyes. Boy was I ever wrong as it looks as if the kid is barricading himself in for the long haul.  That's him playing soccer this past year. Not a bad looking kid if I do say so myself.

Me...I had wanted to get out of my parents house the moment I could. Our oldest wanted to do that as well but he understood it would take him a while. Unfortunately, it took him eight years and I’m not sure we taught him much after eighteen by not making him pay rent. Not that he expected a thing. He didn’t as the oldest always paid his own bills and did his own thing.

Now this youngest one is a lot different. He’s decided that this is his last summer and he’s telling everyone he does not want to grow up. Nope, doesn’t want it in the least. He wants to be able to sleep in, watch TV and play basketball all his life. He is in for such a rude awakening. Sigh.

Just wait until August when I am planning to go to Vienna with his dad. He’ll have to drive, get his own meds as he's type 1 diabetic, get his own food and heaven knows what else. Then again, maybe he’ll just call his older brother who has an incredible soft spot for the boy. We’ll see.

Here’s this week’s writing quote:

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. ~E.L. Doctorow

And isn’t this the true for us writers? There are times when I have so many stories running around in my head, my DH asks me about the voices or which world I’m in. Many times, I just look at him with a funny expression because I don’t even realize I’m doing it at all. LOL!

The funniest time was when I was talking to myself in the car. I forgot the youngest was with me until he started to laugh. I gave him a startled look the moment I realized he was still there. Thank goodness, I wasn’t doing a sex scene. I don’t know who would have been more embarrassed at that point.

See you all next week! Have a great one!



Carol L. said...

Hi Lynn,
Good looking son. :)Two of mine thought when they graduated it would be a blast to just zone out , sleep in, and chill as they called it. I figured it took 13 years for them to get where they were and let them chill. They had till that Sept. to figure out that reality was closing My one son went and joined the Army...sigh... But he became a Special Forces member after intense training.He was 18 when he joined. Today at 34 he is still Special Forces and it's his career now.He's overseas now. I hate it though. I always think back to when he was that carefree 18 year old. :)
Carol L.

Erin Sinclair said...

Now that I have grandsons I imagine the young men they will be one day and I put all the positive energy I can toward them making good choices, good decisions and grabbing with gusto all that life has to offer. I raised girls so it's going to be an interesting perspective watching them grow and learn.


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